Taking Flight As A Trauma Response

Taking Flight As A Trauma Response

"To begin to embrace our emotional and somatic intelligence we need to feel safe in the body, to de-armour the flight response by reminding ourselves it's ok not to take flight so we can reveal more of our potential that was buried beneath it"

Nicola Lucie

Have you ever noticed how much you take flight in your personal or professional life to avoid feeling something that makes you feel very uncomfortable?

Taking flight, as the fight and freeze response is a survival mechanism alerting us to danger, a response that is needed to keep us safe from harm.

However, as women, we have been conditioned from a very early age to ignore, avoid or suppress our emotional and somatic intelligence and as a result, taking flight has become a default pattern created from unprocessed wounding, trauma or conditioning.

We take flight because something or someone has triggered a challenging emotion relating to the original trauma that we do not want to feel as it threatens our sense of safety, security and stability and so we will do anything to distract ourselves from it.

We will disassociate from the body, the wound and the emotion and turn our attention to anything and everything from food, drugs and alcohol to scrolling through social media, watching Netflix or buying things we don’t really need.

Then there are the more impactful ways we take flight like leaving a relationship before it gets too serious because we are afraid of going a step deeper or flitting from place to place, home to home, because we may be afraid of becoming too attached.

The more we take flight, the more we check out of our bodies and sever the deep connection to self and our intuition, reacting to the trauma and not responding from a heart-centred place. We will then fall into deeper patterns of procrastination, judging, blaming and shaming ourselves for not being able to move forward or get things done the way we wanted to.

In this episode, I share with you my own journey of taking flight from the deep instability I have felt since early childhood as a response to my core wounding of abandonment, a response that has ultimately impacted my life and relationships.

After decades of exploring this hidden side of my female psyche, I share what I have learned and steps we can take to come back into the body and de-armour the flight response so we can learn how to feel safe in the body, feel safe in the feeling of our emotions and finally find resolution to the unresolved wounding, trauma and conditioning we are holding onto that no longer serves our highest and greatest good.

With Love,
Nicola x



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