You Are At A Crossroad…

You are a purposeful, passionate woman who is on the path of self-discovery, only to find you have read all the self-help books, done all the meditations, attended the workshops and been in therapy and you are still stuck!

You are not alone!

Welcome to The Feminine Principle

You want to know the secret of who you really are, all that is hidden and unseen in the great mystery of your soul rooted in the unconscious.

You want to redefine the dynamics of the relationship you have with yourself, others, and Mother Earth and the finely, woven threads that connect us all, past, present and future, across lands, cultures and generations.

You want to learn how to listen deeply, not from the waking mind, but from the inner cauldron of your very being, atttuned to the cycles of life, through the cycles of your body, that respond to the cycles of nature, all-seeing, all-being, all-knowing.

You want to embark upon a journey, back home to KNOW THYSELF, weaving a path of SELF-DISCOVERY, SELF-AWARENESS, and SELF-EMPOWERMENT so you can step-up and stand-up and change your world from the inside out. 

There Are 3 Ways In Which We Can Work Together…


I support women who are on a path of self-discovery to redefine their relationship with themselves, others and Mother Earth by helping them to access their unconscious to reveal, heal and integrate all the magic that is hidden there so they can live an enriched and embodied life full of purpose, possibility and wonder. 

As a Certified Shamanic Practitioner offering Shadow & Soul Integration Sessions and Workshops I have developed a unique approach to help my clients find those missing pieces of their internal jigsaw to find out exactly who they beneath the surface, beneath the conditioning and the masks they have adopted to perform and conform in their need to be loved and accepted.