Harnessing Your Imagination For Healing

Harnessing Your Imagination For Healing

"Imagination plays a major role in shadow work, as it is a source of our awakening and our power, our healing and our magic to weave new threads of our human experience into being"

We all have an imagination, it is a crucial place of dreaming and envisioning, of creativity, innovation and problem solving, enabling us to explore new ideas and possibilities.

It allows us to visualise, conceptualise and manipulate ideas, objects and situations that are not physically present or have not yet occurred.

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, we explore the intimate and invisible realm of the imagination and its role in Shadow Work. 

Sharing stories from my own journey we unlock how the imagination can keep us trapped in old patterns, beliefs and behaviours while simultaneously expanding our horizon and shaping our lives for the better. 


With Love, 

Nicola x

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