Setting Boundaries In Relationships

Setting Boundaries in Relationships

"We are often so afraid of asserting our boundaries through fear of being rejected or abandoned by the other person, therefore it's much easier to stay in the suffering than it is to engage our personal power, assert our boundaries and explore life liberated from the pain of loss."

Nicola Lucie

Are Your Boundaries Balanced Or Are They Blocking Your Potential?

Boundaries are a necessary part of life and a fundamental mechanism for our survival. They help us to explore our edges, limitations and potential as well as what is safe and what is dangerous.

However, our boundaries have also been created from our wounding, trauma and conditioning creating limitations in our psyche and manifesting the unconscious patterns that are often unhealthy and unbalanced, limiting our potential to explore the wonder of life on the other side.


In This Episode, We Are Exploring:

* The emotions that get triggered when our boundaries have been pushed.

* How they limit our potential and our ability to explore what is on the other side.

* Why we are not able to communicate our boundaries in a healthy way in our relationships and the fears that arise

* The role of boundaries and our fundamental need to feel safe, secure and stable.

* Why we unconsciously choose to stay in the suffering

* Tough love and the need to enable the ‘selfish’ archetype

* How we can learn to stop reacting and start to respond in a heart-centred way.


Questions to Consider

* What is your experience of boundaries? How do they limit or expand your growth?

* Who or what triggers your boundaries?

* Where in your life and relationships do you feel you need to assert stronger boundaries?


Enjoy the episode,

With Love,

Nicola x



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