Navigating An Emotional Breakdown

Navigating An Emotional Breakdown

"An Emotional Breakdown is a death process, a dismemberment of an aspect of our life that is calling for change so we can make space for more of our power and potential to come through to support us in our growth"

Nicola Lucie

What Aspect Of Your Life Is Breaking Down To Make Way To Birth The New?

We’ve all experienced an emotional breakdown at some point in our lives, that heart-breaking, gut-wrenching outpouring of grief that no matter how much we try to control it, suppress it, ignore it it just won’t stop.

Yet, as women we have been conditioned to suppress our emotions, to not feel or express them in any way as they are deemed not acceptable by others and so we need to perform and conform and stay in control on so many levels, which he makes the process so much harder to deal with.

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, I’m exploring how an emotional breakdown is a death process, a period of our life that makes us face the stark reality that we have outgrown an aspect of our self and we must now let go of it so we can make space for more of our power and potential that now wishes to be birthed.

And with death, naturally comes grief and this is why an emotional breakdown is so painful as the heart literally breaks open shattering the illusions and delusions we have created to maintain a sense of safety, security and stability and a level of control.

I share with you a story from my own life navigating an emotional breakdown and the lessons I learned from it, along with ways in which we can consciously support ourselves through the experience, so we can come out the other side with more love, compassion and understanding for the self.

With Love,
Nicola x



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