Learning To Trust In Your Body

Learning to Trust In Your Body

"To understand who we are, what our true nature and what is in and out of balance we will need to develop an intimate relationship with the body"

Nicola Lucie

How is your relationship with your body? Do you love or hate it? Do accept it or reject it? Do you listen to it or ignore it?

Everything that we are, all our power, our pain and our potential exists in the body. Who we are as women exist in the body. Who we are at the very root of our true nature exists in the body and in our relationship to our body.

Learning to trust in the body is not easy, as the relationship we have with our body and our emotions has been conditioned through the idealism of perfection by society creating the great disconnect and the suppression of our true and innate nature.

To return home into our body, to be fully present within it so we can understand the true depth of who we are as women we will need to change the narrative from the inside out and this starts with learning to listen to the needs and manifestations of the body from a place of heart-centred trust and acceptance.

In This Episode You Will Explore:

1) How we have been conditioned by society through the idealism of perfection

2) How we judge and compare ourselves to others and the nature of performing, conforming and pleasing others

3) The suppression of trust and ownership of our true nature

4) Changing the narrative we have with our bodies through listening and responding

5) How are bodies are communicating to us at every given moment through the emotions and symptoms that are manifested and what we can do to explore what is out of balance.

6) The nature of dis-eases and dis-orders and redefining the relationship we have with them

7) Reclaiming of personal power and trust through deep conversation with the body and emotions.

Questions for Deeper Reflection:

1) How is your relationship with your body and emotions? Are you attuned to the needs of your body or are you disconnected from them?

2) What symptoms, either acute or chronic are you manifesting and what are these telling you about what is out of balance?

3) If you have been diagnosed with a disease or disorder, have you built a relationship with it to explore what it has come to teach you? If not why not?

4) What emotions keep being triggered and where do these sit in your body? What are they communicating to you?

Enjoy Listening, 

With Love, 

Nicola x



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