Healing The Trust Wound

Healing The Trust Wound

"Our unconscious patterns, hidden in the depths of our female psyche, created from the wounding, trauma and conditioning we have been exposed to are fundamentally created from the trust wound"

Nicola Lucie

Do you trust yourself to do what’s right for you or do you trust more what others tell you is right?

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, I’m exploring the Trust Wound, and how trust is the most fundamental foundation block of our personal power, and yet is the one aspect that is most often knocked out of sync from the moment we are born.

It is our immediate family and caregivers, and the environment in which we grow up that shapes and informs our relationship with trust. As we grow through life, we tend to trust others more, than our own judgment simply because we really don’t know how to trust ourselves as we’ve never been taught.

When we learn how to trust ourselves, our whole lives change and the way in which we relate with others changes too, as we have more inner confidence to practice discernment and act on our own intuition.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

* How we learn trust from immediate family and caregivers

* How we are conditioned into trusting others more than ourselves

* The role of approval and validation and our need to be loved and accepted and the implications they have in our relationship with trust

* The mistakes we make learning about trust and the unconscious patterns we repeatedly play out.

* The role of building a deep connection with our intuition and the ability to be able to listen and act upon it.

* How trust is a fundamental principle in every single relationship we have, with ourselves, with others and with the physical and material world.

Extra Journal Prompts For Deeper Reflection

1) Which areas of your life do feel there is a lack of trust?

2) Which relationships do you feel the trust wound is evident?

3) Where do you find yourself trusting others more than you trust yourself?

4) Where do you feel stuck in your life and what stops you from moving forward?

Enjoy Listening, 

With Love, 

Nicola x



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