Exploring Shadow Work Through Dream Work

Exploring Shadow Work Through Dream Work

"When we ask others to interpret our dreams we are giving our power away, as we are basically saying we don't know how to do it and this is a myth"

Nicola Lucie

What Are Your Dreams Revealing To You About What Is Hidden In Your Female Psyche?

In today’s episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, I’m exploring Dream Work as one of the great tools of Shadow Work.

Most of us dream whether we are conscious of them or not, and when we learn how to work with our dreams they become a valuable resource to help us explore the hidden side of our female psyche.

While our dreams can be either weird, scary, meaningful, delightful or just plain nonsense, they hold clues which rise from the depth of our unconscious while our ego is asleep and our bodies are going through its daily process of rest and recuperation.

Each clue, when we learn how to interpret them, shows us what is asking for our attention that is now seeking resolution so we can break out of our limitations and move forward with more balance and harmony in our lives and relationships.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1) How your dreams are showing you what is hidden in our female psyche – whether that be wounding, trauma and conditioning that is seeking resolution, tools or insight you need to take the next step or a missing piece of information you need to make sense of something

2) How to start a dream journal and create a map of your inner world

3) Why, when you ask others to interpret your dreams you are giving your power away

4) How to interpret your own dreams to understand what they are showing you about your life and relationships

5) How to break free from narrow-minded judgement of your dreams and learn to trust what they are showing you no matter how crazy they are

6) The role of nightmares and the opportunity to work through your greatest fears

Questions for Deeper Reflection

1) What feelings, events, people, places, things are recurring repeatedly in your dreams?

2) How do these make you feel?

3) What do you see in them?

4) Think of nightmare you have had – what fear was it highlighting?

5) What can that fear teach you about yourself?

With Love, 

Nicola x



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