Unlocking Emotional Safety in Shadow Work

Unlocking Emotional Safety in Shadow Work

The root chakra, located in the pelvic bone, holds our inner sense of safety and power, yet we have learned to feel safe from our unconscious need to survive and be loved.

The illusion of safety we have created leads to unconscious and often unhealthy patterns of behavior and belief systems that manifest in our relationships and keep us disconnected from our inner roots.

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast I delve into the importance of feeling safe in our bodies and the consequences of not feeling safe in our relationships and how they show up in various ways, such as a fear of vulnerability, an inability to be honest, and controlling behavior patterns.

I share with you tools to help you unlock the relationship you have with emotional safety to help you cultivate a deeper emotional connection with yourself and others.

With Love,
Nicola x

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