The Shadow Side of Money and Wealth

The Shadow Side of Money and Wealth

What are the money wounds you carry in your life and your family history that stop you from manifesting the money and wealth you desire?

We all have a relationship with money and wealth and that relationship can either be healthy or unhealthy depending on whether we have been educated about the value of money and how it works and whether we are aware of the money wounds we carry.

Money, like sex and death, is a great taboo of our society and culture, it is something hidden that we do not like to talk about or share as it is somehow dirty and shameful. We don’t want others to know how much we earn or how much money we have in the bank because of a conditioned belief that it will affect how others perceive us, and whether we are of value or not.

We have also seen how greed for financial power has placed profit over people and the planet, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, depleting our resources on every level.

And we experience daily the power of the debt economy we have been conditioned to live in, giving us a false sense of identity, status, safety, security and stability, a system in which we must keep performing and conforming to meet the needs of this debt, living a life that keeps us in a state of anxiety, fear and stress, often feeling lost, unfulfilled and unhappy, and sacrificing our own health, needs, and dreams in the process.

In this episode, I’m exploring how our relationship with money and wealth begins when we are young and even beyond through the generations. I explore how money has been used to have power over us, to disempower us so we stay in the fear and the scarcity mindset.

I share stories of my own money story and where those wounds began and how they shaped my life along with steps we can take to unravel these tangled threads so we can redefine the relationship we have with our own money and wealth.

With Love,
Nicola x

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