The Deep Process of Separation and Integration

The Deep Process of Separation and Integration

What aspect of your life are you afraid to let go of?

Separating from our deep emotional attachments takes time as they are so embedded in the psyche, we are not aware of their existence as the repetitive pain and conflict they trigger has created a sense of identity.

Our journey of separation begins when we are born when the cord is cut and we are separated from our Mother, a journey we continue as we grow through life to develop our sense of identity and independence.

While separation is necessary, there are aspects of the self we find challenging to separate from as they are hidden in our unconscious, buried in our shadow.

Our emotional attachments and patterns of behaviour and beliefs that are born from our wounding, trauma, and conditioning are such aspects that are invisibly woven through our psyche, creating our sense of identity until we can separate from them enough to see them objectively and integrate the wisdom and lessons buried beneath.

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, we’re exploring the process of separation and integration and what it means for our journey of self-development and reconnecting with our authentic self. I share with you candid stories from my own journey of separation and how, when we lean ever deeper into the process of separation we give ourselves permission to integrate more of our unknown potential hidden beneath.

With Love,
Nicola x

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