The Comfort Zone and Psychological Safety

The Comfort Zone and Psychological Safety

What aspects of yourself are you holding on to that actually no longer serve you?

When we consciously or unconsciously choose to stay in unhealthy patterns in our personal or professional lives we are choosing to stay in a comfort zone, created from an unresolved wound that has created an illusion of safety.

We all have comfort zones in all areas of our lives - personal and professional, externally and internally, and they can be conscious and unconscious. They are the areas in our lives where we feel safe, stable, and secure, the areas we feel comfortable.

As we know, we also outgrow our comfort zones and it’s our ability to act upon this that helps us to explore unchartered territory - a new environment, a new relationship, a new career path, a promotion. As a result, we evolve and experience more of our potential.

However, we also have repetitive patterns of behaviour and beliefs that have been created as a result of the wounding, trauma, and conditioning we have been exposed to, and these equally have become our comfort zones. They have, unconsciously created a sense of our identity, our story, and therefore to change them will mean shattering the illusion we have been living within.

So the question is are we truly ready to break out of this identity that has become our comfort zone and experience who we are beneath the wounding and the pattern?

This is the topic we are exploring in this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, how we are unconsciously comfortable staying in the comfort zones of our wounding, trauma, and conditioning, how it directly relates to our sense of needing to feel psychologically safe and steps we can take to tune into what is hidden.

I share with you my own experiences of bringing into the light an unconscious pattern from childhood that had created a deeply embedded comfort zone and enabled my own victim archetype to continue to limit my potential, simply because it created an illusion of safety.

With Love,
Nicola x

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