Tapping Into Your True Feminine Nature

Tapping Into Your True Feminine Nature

Who are you truly without what or who you identify with?

We need to tap into who we are beneath the surface to be able to then show up as our authentic selves.

Tapping into our true feminine nature is about being present within the self, so we can live, love and relate from an authentic place.

However, our identity has been created for us, according to the boxes we have been conditioned to fit into even though they don’t align with who we are.

We have sacrificed our needs and boundaries creating an internal conflict within our female psyche. This is, however, being turned around by COVID giving us permission as women to come back into more of our internal rhythm and be more productive.

To know your identity, you have to learn how to practice discipline and discernment in a way that honours your true feminine nature through self-awareness and self-care, honouring your needs and boundaries so you can create healthy habits that respect who you truly are beneath the surface.

With Love,
Nicola x

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