Shadow, Power and Vulnerability

Shadow, Power and Vulnerability

When we have a healthy relationship with our vulnerability we are able to face our deepest shadows and the pain and suffering hidden there so we can reclaim more of our power and potential buried beneath.

In this unhealthy male-orientated structure we have been born into we have been conditioned to believe that vulnerability is a weakness and if we reveal this weakness we will be judged, criticised, named and shamed and therefore on some level rejected and excluded.

Conforming to this narrative further compounds our disconnection with our true and authentic nature and reinforces our unconscious need to avoid and suppress our emotions, pain and suffering, and unresolved wounding, trauma and conditioning. As a result, we armour up, protecting our hearts and hide behind the masks and roles that create an illusion of safety, security and stability, never allowing ourselves to step fully into the power of vulnerability in all areas of our lives.

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, I explore the deep relationship we have with vulnerability from an early age and how our unconscious patterns are created from what we experience during this influential development period of our lives and how these then carry through to adulthood.

I share with you my own intimate journey with vulnerability through my intense 5-yr Shamanic training, what I experienced and how I challenged myself to let go of all control and expectations to help me understand the true nature of the shadow, soul and psyche and the steps we can take to rebuild our relationship with trust by stepping into vulnerability.

With Love,
Nicola x

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