Opening the Individual and Collective Wounds of War

Opening the Individual and Collective Wounds of War

We are all at war at some point in our lives, war within ourselves, at war with others, and we all have an opinion, we all judge, name, shame and criticise ourselves and others from these wounds of war”
What has the war in Ukraine triggered in you?

War is conflict. War is internal and external conflict. War is what is happening on the inside every time we feel internal conflict within ourselves and war is what is happening outside of us, in our communities, with each other, and in the world at large when two or more opposing sides fight for power and control, freedom, sovereignty, and democracy.

The individual and collective wounds of war run deep into the psyche and left untended they simmer and fester beneath the surface creating toxic behaviour and belief systems that hinder our ability to lead, love, and relate in a healthy and balanced way.

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, I am exploring the individual and collective wounds of war and how the war in Ukraine is now triggering our own hidden wounds and is affecting us all on some level - economically, politically, morally, psychologically, and emotionally.

What is happening in the collective is therefore happening inside of us, as what we are seeing is triggering something that has been buried within the self.

I share with you my own journey and the steps we can take to find resolution within the self so that we can start to consciously respond to war in the world around us rather than unconsciously reacting to it and instead unlock our human potential to work together to be solution-focused and find a more peaceful, heart-centred way to move forward, individually and collectively.

With Love,
Nicola x

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