Letting Go of Expectation

Letting Go of Expectation

What Is Your Relationship With Expectation?

Living and relating in expectation takes us out of the body and out of the present moment, sending our nervous system into unconscious overdrive, stress, and anxiety that could have been prevented if only we paid attention to our actions.

Expectation is woven into every aspect of our lives, the expectation we have of ourselves, the expectation we have of others, and the expectations that are projected onto us by others. They are woven into our internal tapestry from a very early age and as a result, we don’t realise how much they define us, our choices, and create our sense of identity.

So when we learn how to bring our attention and awareness to how expectation is woven into the relationship we have with ourselves and others, an astonishing picture begins to emerge as we realise how deep the fracture is in being able to communicate honestly with ourselves and others.

We begin to recognise how this unspoken dialogue keeps us disassociated and feeling trapped in unhealthy relationship dynamics that prevent us from being fully present in the moment and therefore in our bodies to experience living, creating, and relating from a place of joy, pleasure, and deep connection.

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, I’m exploring how expectation shows up in our lives and how we unconsciously feed the patterns that keep us from experiencing our power and potential. I share with you candid stories from my own journey and how when we give ourselves permission to let go of expectation we can return back to a deeper sense of trust in the self and our power to live the life we wish to live.

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