Finding Stability In The Instability

Finding Stability In The Instability

"The more we embrace being in the unknown, the more stable we feel in the instability that life throws at us and as a result we step into more of our power and potential"

As women, we have been conditioned to invest our time, energy and love in the external world to give us a sense of our stability - our families, friends and intimate relationships, our education, society and our careers, even our homes, the money in our bank accounts and the material lifestyle we create for ourselves including all the sentimental possessions we fill our lives with.

However, to maintain this sense of stability, we need to continuously perform and conform to a set of undisclosed predetermined rules, feeding the stability of the other to feed the stability of the self and often compromising our own needs and boundaries in the process.

Then the world shifts on an axis, someone dies, illness or accidents knock at our door, a relationship breaks down, either personal or professional breaks down that threatens our identity, our homes or careers, or something out of our control, like Covid, happens and suddenly we don’t feel very stable anymore.

In fact, we feel very unstable, our foundation is shaken to its core and we have an identity crisis, making us question who we are, where are we going and what is our purpose in the world.

In this episode, I share with you my own journey of finding stability within the instability, what I learned from it and how I now help other women to find their way back to a deep sense of connection and stability in themselves, without investing all of themselves in an unstable and ever-changing world.

With Love,
Nicola x

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