Embodying Your Fire Energy

Embodying Your Fire Energy

What is your relationship with your fire energy?

Your fire has a shadow side and left unchecked it destroys, and burns down the house in reaction and fear.

It becomes unruly and chaotic, throwing words poisoned with anger and hate, rage and envy, jealousy and bitterness in the face of those around us. It sabotages and manipulates and fights to be heard, seen, and loved. It is violent and volatile, unpredictable and dangerous.

And yet, the core nature of fire is about transformation, transforming what needs to change, and having the will, energy, and commitment to do so. It is one of the most vital power sources we need to be in and of this world, to initiate, activate and create. It’s related to the solar plexus, the stomach, and digestion and her power can be felt in our menstrual cycle and sexual energy.

So how do we learn how to harness this most powerful energy and use it as a force for good?

This is what we are exploring in today’s episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, as I share candid stories from my own experience working with my destructive fire and what we will need to face and embrace if we are to unlock this vital energy source.

With Love,
Nicola x

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