Coming Back Home to Your True Nature

Coming Back Home to Your True Nature

Shadow work is fundamentally about healing trauma and unraveling the conditioning that gave us a false sense of our identity.

However, it is so much more than this.

It’s about coming back home to our true nature. Back home into our bodies. and back to our inner roots.

As women, we have been conditioned to live constantly in the head and in the doing of life, heavily focused on performance, and a very masculine way of showing up in the world.

Yet we have a completely different rhythm and nature to men because we are constantly in transition through our menstrual and reproductive cycles and how we relate to ourselves as a woman, a mother, and a daughter.

However, we have also become disconnected from the womb, a woman’s sacred centre and the seat of our power, disconnecting us from the intelligence of our body and our own true nature, rhythm, and cycle.

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, I’m exploring this great disconnect and how it reflects in the way you behave and believe, relate, and communicate, individually and collectively.

I explore how it prevents you from really embracing and embodying your true nature and how shadow work for women helps you to come back home into the body and redefine the relationship you have with your deeper self.

Sharing stories from my own journey, navigating the challenges of perimenopause and how this is impacting and changing my own nature provides insight into the relationship we have with ourselves as we experience these life-changing shifts from the inside out.

With Love,
Nicola x

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