When We Fear the Truth of Our Voice

When We Fear the Truth of Our Voice

It can be a challenge to find our voice, to speak consciously from our heart, to be heard for the truth of who we are. Stepping into conscious communication can really shake our very core. It’s the fear you see, the fear of our words, the fear of what we have to say.

We fear that if we speak our truth we will be abandoned or rejected.

We fear that if we speak from our heart we will cause harm or hurt the other.

We fear that if we dare to open our mouths we will be judged, criticised, blamed or shamed.

We fear to say the wrong thing.

Yet, the more we keep our voices suppressed, the more we keep ourselves small.

The more we keep ourselves in hiding.

The more we keep ourselves trapped in those unconscious emotions of frustration, anger, and grief.

Why are you keeping quiet?

What stops you from opening your mouth?

What conversations are you avoiding right now?

What conversations would you like to have, but are afraid to have them?

What is stopping you from having these conversations?

What words are building up within?

What scenarios are being played out?

What emotions are fuelling these conversations in your head?

What emotions are being stirred when you try to let them out?

What truths would you share if only you could express them?

The truth of the matter is, if we don’t have the courage to communicate our needs, our feelings, our experiences from our heart then we risk causing more harm to ourselves and those around us.

We will stay trapped.

We will stay gagged.

We will stay quiet and small, misrepresented and ignored.

Stepping into conscious communication takes strength, courage, and awareness.

We become aware our words have the power to create and the power to destroy. We become aware they have the potency to empower and disempower.

We become aware they have the magic to build bridges or blow the bridges apart.

We have to be prepared the words communicated from our hearts may not be welcome, may be thrown back at us, and may deeply trigger the receiver. Our words may lose us friends, may make us enemies, they may even close doors, or get us thrown out.

And with this awareness, we come to understand why we were gagged in the first place.

Yet our words will carry our innate power. They will voice the truth of our hearts. They will speak for those who have not yet spoken, those who are too frightened, too scared to open their mouths. They will break open the tide of stagnant energy we have been holding within and release to the ethers the suppressed emotions, the repressed essence of self and create a flow of balance and tranquillity through our very core.

We will notice how our voice softens when we communicate from the heart, a potent lightness coated with divine passion driving the words as if touched by the higher realms, like the words are not our own yet we know them as our very truth.

We will come to experience the beauty there are in words from the heart, and come to know them intimately as the opening and the flowering of one’s own soul.

With love,

Nicola x

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