Living Under the Shadow of Rejection

Living Under the Shadow of Rejection

Rejection runs through our veins. It drips from our existence like a polluted river and touches the cage of our heart over and over again.
Rejection keeps us trapped in the illusion of separation. Keeps us in the ‘us’ and ‘them’. Keeps us believing we are not good enough, not desirable enough, not acceptable enough for the likes of others. Rejection keeps us on the fringe, in hiding, staying small. Rejection keeps us locked down in fear and blocks us from open-hearted love, connection, co-creation, and communication. Rejection eventually sucks the lifeblood out of us and leaves us deflated, in a heap on the floor.

What does it feel like to be rejected?

What emotions does rejection stir in us?

What patterns have we manifested in our lives where we have felt rejected?

Who do we get rejected by?

What energy do those people carry?

What attracts us to them?

When we are able to take a step back and look deeply into the wound of rejection we start to see a pattern emerging. A hole we are looking for others to fill.
What is that hole?

Where did it come from?

When did it start?

Breaking down rejection is no easy task, as with many deep-seated patterns there are many layers. Yet the more we dig, the more we uncover about ourselves. The deeper we go, the closer we get to the root. The more we uncover the more freedom we feel from the release of the emotions associated with it.
However, we cannot be rejected without rejecting also. These are the two sides of the polarity. The rejected and the rejector. When they are in balance, rejection no longers exists. When they are out of balance, we are tortured.

So, now let’s turn it around.

How many times have we rejected ourselves?

How many times have we ignored and rejected our own needs?

How many times have we dismissed and rejected aspects of self which we have deemed to be undesirable or unacceptable?

How many times have we rejected our feelings, our intuition, our deep-sense of knowing?

How many times have we turned a blind eye and rejected what we knew to be right for us?

The more we reject of ourselves, the more we will manifest rejection in our lives.
What can we do in this moment to change the energy of this pattern?
Answer the questions. Make the conscious decision to change what we can. Make a pledge to no longer reject ourselves. Only by facing, owning, loving, embracing our rejected and rejector selves can we start to truly disintegrate and transform the programming of this long-held belief.

With love,

Nicola x

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