Breaking Open With Shadow Work

Breaking Open With Shadow Work


The awakening to an unconscious pattern, the exploration and release of the potent suppressed energies associated with it, the walking to the root, and then that blissful moment of realisation, the catalyst that sparks the breaking open of the heart and soul.

That exquisite moment where we are able to see outside of space and time at how the pattern was constructed, the threads it has woven through our lives and touched our very core.

That moment when we feel on every level the release of long-stagnant energy which blows us wide open to receive a fusion of the gifts the pattern gave us with the gifts it buried and the new sense of life this alchemical synthesis bestows upon us.

What’s more, is the honour and gratitude I feel when I guide women through this sacred process into the magic and darkness of their inner realms.

I am granted sacred permission to witness their descent as they drop deep into their most vulnerable self. And it is from this place I am given the gift of observing the utter transformation which follows.

With Love, 

Nicola x

A transformation which never ceases to fill me with wonder, at the potent power of their will to change and transmute through their fears so they may take another step closer to living a love-filled life and reaching their highest potential.

With love and gratitude, Nicola Lucie xx

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