Transforming the Shadow of Our Maiden, Mother, & Crone

Transforming the Shadow of Our Maiden, Mother, & Crone

Transforming the Shadow of the Sacred Trinity of Woman – our Maiden, Mother, and Crone, is no easy feat.

It is a journey of dedication, of love, of willpower, trust and strength, and above all else courage and discipline. For if we are to journey deep and meet their darkness we are going to have to be prepared. We are going to have to be ready. We are going to have to be in it for the long run, for no transformation can come if we are not willing to meet it head-on.

Transforming the Shadow of our Maiden, Mother, and Crone is an individual obligation if we are to be fully responsible for birthing the truth and beauty of who we are into the world.

It is an individual mission necessary if we are to fully reclaim our power, knowing how to use it at any given moment and live our lives by it. It is an individual rite of passage we must pass through is we are to take our voices out of the depths of silence and submission and learn how to communicate on every level according to our own truth, our own boundaries, our own innate law.

Yet Transforming the Shadow of our Maiden, Mother, & Crone is also an individual obligation to the collective.

For if we, as women, are to fully own, accept and love every part of self, then this vibration will carry through into the wider web of our communities, our environments, our land, and our people.

As we face our furies and fears we give ourselves permission to expand into the fullness of ourselves, and therefore in our strength, we extend the same right to others. We step up and step in for the collective. We step up and step in for our children, and our children’s children. We step up and step in to create a new blueprint for humanity to live by.

We demonstrate with gentle ruthlessness our ability to destroy what no longer serves us, and give birth to what does. We take our place on the universal grid of conscious awakening and become of service, sharing our gifts, knowledge, and wisdom to help and support others in doing the same.

Transforming the shadow of our Maiden, Mother, & Crone is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and our beautiful Mother Earth.

These times are calling for us to lighten the load of our emotional baggage, baggage we have been carrying for far too long, across lifetimes, through our blood, and throughout many lands.

With all of this heavy, dense energy clogging up our vibrational field we are not able to experience the expansion of oneness. We are not able to tune into the rich cauldron of our inner realms and discover the jewels which lie beneath. We are not able to embrace the divine union of being, of love. We are not able to simply accept and BE.

We are being called to let go of this emotional baggage. To be done with it.

To face and own our wounding, traumas and conditioning, and to release the shit surrounding them. To let go of the victim, the exile, the saboteur and all the other dominant archetypes we identify with our suffering.

We are being called to come home to self – lighter, freer, awakened. Holding on is no longer serving the greater good. Holding on is not helping us reach our highest potential. So we are being called to let go, be free and be done with it once and for all.

As women, we hold this sacred trinity within us, we are the maiden, mother and crone at different stages in our lifespan, yet we are also all of them all of the time.

Each interweaves with the other, connects and sharpens where needed. Each holds gifts and wisdom to help us, support us, guide us. Each has their own power and knowledge, ready and waiting to step in at any given moment.

And when all three are in harmony, individually and collectively, we have the power to face any challenge, weave magic, create alchemy, and give birth over and over again to beauty and truth of all that we are and all our beloved Mother Earth deserves to be.

With Love,

Nicola x

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