Your Energy Signature – Are Your Hiding It?

Your Energy Signature – Are Your Hiding It?

We all have a secret power, a unique energy signature, which, quite simply makes us who we are. Our energy signature is what brings us to life. What makes us thrive. It's our love and our passion, our creativity and drive.

Yet our unique energy signature is something which remains hidden, buried in the deepest darkness of our shadow, soul and psyche. Buried beneath layers of conditioning, and who we have been told to be.

Buried beneath the scars of our traumas and the weight of our wounds. Buried beneath the layers of our outdated beliefs, our disruptive habits and our unconscious patterns.

Yet our energy signature lies in waiting. Waiting for that blissful moment when we dare to see. When we dare to reach beyond and catch a glimmer of this pure delight. Our delight.

It lies waiting in the shadows of our own making, knowing, sensing the time will come when we are ready to bring her out and shine her most radiant light.

Yet, we are so anxious to find that golden jewel, to find that nugget of our hearts calling, we actually give our power away time and time again to others, hoping they will help us find it. We expect others to see it and to see us for it.

In doing so, we fall back into that place of lack once more, lack of acceptance, lack of being seen, lack of power to live by our gifts and our secret power. We fall back into feeding the machine of our unconscious, our need to be loved and accepted, to be seen and heard, not abandoned and rejected, exiled and ignored.

We want others to see our secret spark, our magic sauce, our pure untainted gogo juice.

We again, unconsciously, feed into another the illusion that if they do we will be upgraded, be part of the pack, feel the one-love, ascend to utopia and other dimensions. We will attain that long-awaited, hard worked for, higher status. We want out of this and in with that.

We want to be the chosen ones, the earth-keepers, the gatekeepers, the wisdom-keepers, the elders, the wise-ones. The healers, the shamans, the magic people with wands. The Oracle, the psychic, the priestess and the witch. We want to be the saviours, the martyrs, and the freedom fighters.

We want those labels to replace the ones we have shed.

To infuse us with the external, obtainable power of the divine. And all the time, in this searching and seeking outside we forgot, we are all of these parts we just haven't met.

We check-out and escape into the realms of possibility, if only we have this, and are with them and do what they tell me, we will be all we are meant to be. Our energy signature will be recognised and finally shared, forgetting the fact to actually own all we are, as long as others see me who cares about that!

And that my friend is where the illusion comes in, keeping us hooked, like a drug, to the 'new age' we live in.

Keeping us running and turning and grinding outside, instead of the moving and shaking and flowing within.

Seeking out others to fill the hole, instead of digging and uncovering the jewels buried deep. Owning the truth of who we are, seeing who we are, loving who we are and the life we live naturally awakens our secret power and plugs our unique energy signature into the collective grid.

For now, we are here, on our beloved Earth, in a human body, a body which is home to our soul, having a human experience, and all that entails.

We have carried our gifts, our secret powers, our knowledge and our wisdom through many lifetimes, across many lands, through many cultures, so we could birth them here and now, are we really going to surrender this unique opportunity and hand over the quest. To be programmed again by others? To ascend and attain?

The only way out is in.

The only way to awaken our secret power is to find it, recognise it, own it, live by it, and allow it to feed and nurture us on every single level.

We are our secret power, and our secret power is us. It's what makes us rise and shine. Expand and grow. Our secret power is our golden ticket to Utopia and Utopia is not outside, out there, but within, inside each and every one of us.

Go seek, go within and uncover the treasure trove of all that you are.

With love,

Nicola x

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