How Do You Value Yourself?

How Do You Value Yourself?

How do you value yourself in today's world? How have you been conditioned to value yourself? How are you expected to value yourself?

Have you ever noticed how much you give of yourself, your time, your energy, your love, your support and then for some reason you're ignored, dismissed, or tossed aside?

How does this make you feel? Does it make you feel angry? Resentful? Sad? Depressed?

Do you find yourself having conversations in your head about how you would confront, approach, or reproach him or her?

Do you find yourself having those moments of mumbling how they wouldn't be able to live without you, how they would fall apart if it wasn't for you, how they'd be lost and stranded and wouldn't know what to do if you weren't there?

Now let's turn it around.

How much have you given yourself - how much time, love and energy have you dedicated to you?

How long have you ignored, dismissed or tossed aside your own needs, hopes, dreams for the sake of others?

Those emotions, those triggers, are your internal alarm bells warning how you value yourself is way off centre.

They are warning you it's time to stop, to re-assert your boundaries, to set yourself some ground rules so you will not continue to be taken advantage of.

So you will no longer give yourself away.

So you stop, you gather the threads of your life, the threads of who you are, what makes you, you!

Now, where is your value? How high are your standards? How is your self-worth?

Do you value your gifts? Do you value your life? Do you really value yourself?

How have you measured your value then, and how will you measure it now?

In terms of how much money you earn or have in the bank? Or how many material possessions you have?

Or maybe you measure your value in terms of how many friends you have in the real world, or online?

Your social status, your career, your family and roots? Or is your value rooted firmly in how much you have given, how much you do for others, the continuous contribution you make to society with nothing in return?

Are you truly living the life you dream?

Now for a moment, let's take all those away.

It's just you, your unique energy signature and the gifts you have to share with the world. You have no money in the bank, no home, no family ties.

Are you abundant?

Are you abundant with yourself and your gifts, your hopes and your dreams? Are you finally free to fly? To be all you have dreamed to be?

With Love,

Nicola x

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