What Mask Are You Wearing and Why?

What Mask Are You Wearing and Why?

What mask are you wearing today?

The mask of the one who can cope, even though you’re falling apart?

The mask of the one who is rich, yet is poor? The mask of the joker, who is crying inside?

The mask of the fearless, who is shaking in fear?

The mask of the strong, who is weak?

The mask of the happy smiling face, even though your heart is breaking?

The mask of the one who is in love with the world, while inside you blame it for all of your woes?

The mask of the sympathetic and patient friend, who can’t wait to get away?

The mask of the ever supporting, ever helpful, while inside you seethe and resent?

The mask of the placid and the gentle, who is really boiling in rage?

The mask of the victim, the rebel, the good girl, the bad?

The mask of the abandoned and the rejected?

Have you ever stopped to wonder who you are beneath those masks?

How does it feel that mask upon your face, that clouds your whole body into a shape and form that is not your truth, and therefore not your own?

How does it feel to wear this mask day in day out, like an armoury to protect you from unknown forces that may strike at any moment? How does it feel to don this mask through fear of being seen?

What are you hiding from? What are you hiding from yourself, from others?

The mask you’re wearing comes woven with threads, woven into an illusion of who you think yourself to be. Woven into the roots of a reality that has come to be your default state. Woven into the very fibres of your being, yet not knowing their true identity.

This mask has become your default state.

A mask you wear to please others, to show others who you are not, to demonstrate you have it all together and are in control. A mask you are wearing to feed yourself an illusion of a life you have created, not from a place of love, but from a place of fear and wounding. A place of trauma and conditioning.

Yet this mask is becoming tiresome.

Can you feel it’s heaviness on your face? Can you feel it’s power, draining your energy to hold it in place? Day after day, month after month, year after year? Isn’t it time to take it off? To show the world who you really are? To see yourself for who you really are?

What would happen if you allowed it’s facade to slip a little, to peek into what it is hiding? Would it be so terrible to face a part of you, you are hiding from? Would it be detrimental to your very being to see a little deeper into the truth of your soul?

Maybe when you first open your eyes, after your nightly visit to dreamland, for that first twinkling moment, you are, quite simply you. Then life kicks in, and as you get out of bed you’ve already decided which mask you will need to wear today.

So today, I say, let the mask slip, let’s explore who we are without it.

Let’s take an adventure into the unknown and feel into who we are without it. Let’s stand before the mirror and unveil. Maybe we will actually like what we see. Maybe we won’t. Either way, the great slipping of the masks, can only empower us and give us the strength to truly face the reality of who we really are.

To finally own, all that we have hidden.

With love,

Nicola xxx

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