What Happens When We Create Healthy Boundaries?

What Happens When We Create Healthy Boundaries?

When we start to create healthy boundaries, we must be prepared for our carefully constructed lives to fall apart. Watch how people react. Watch how we trigger people. Watch how others respond to the truthful version of self. They may not like us.

I can guarantee it’s not going to be comfortable because the more we assert our boundaries the more we are moving out of our comfort zone.

Out of the illusion of who we thought we were. Who we thought we had to be.

We are moving into a new way of being. A new way of communicating. A new way of using our voice.

A new way which helps us to understand what it means to be IN our power and not disconnected from it. Working with our power in a way which is constructive and not destructive to us and those around us.

The more we create healthy boundaries, the more the people we have inherited and collected on our journey will fall away.

For there is no room for niceties, people pleasing, attachment and conditional love. Boundaries are harsh, they are tough love, and we have to be prepared to lose people along the way.

Boundaries set the scene for this new way of being. They raise our standards. And our standards are high. No more shit!

No more taking the shit of others so we won’t be rejected, abandoned, exiled, unsupported or unloved.

We will not be threatened by losing everything if we stand our ground and in our truth. We will no longer sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others, whatever the cost.

Creating healthy boundaries will shake us from our fear-based reality, and into the fierce love of self. We no longer fear being rejected, abandoned, exiled, unsupported and unloved.

For we are our security, and our stability. We are our home, our family, and our roots. We are our own sovereign, our own authority. And we will not settle for anything less.

Yes, there will be anger when we create healthy boundaries, yet anger, when asserted in a conscious way, helps us to fortify our stronghold. Helps us to fortify our boundaries and our protection of self. Helps us to fortify our power, our voice, and our truth.

We will no longer be shaken, threatened, and used as the scapegoat. We will no longer be held hostage by others peoples fears and belief systems, forcing us to conform and go against our own norm.

How are your boundaries doing today? Are they being triggered?

Are they lax? Are they too wide? Too open? Too tight? Too closed? Are they being pushed to the limit? Or extended beyond your control? Where do they need to be redefined? Reclaimed? Re-built?

Our boundaries are our responsibility, and ours alone. It is our responsibility for putting them in place, tending to them, and listening to them.

When we assert our boundaries in a healthy and balanced way we align with the truth of our soul. We are stating to self, to others, to the universe, what we will and will not accept.

We align with all that is best for us, and for those who depend upon us. We align with our highest and greatest good.

We align with all that is abundant and fill our hearts with joy. We align so we can finally shine our true and radiant light.

With love,

Nicola xxx

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