The Path to Self-Realisation: A Journey Through Darkness

The Path to Self-Realisation: A Journey Through Darkness

Darkness is your greatest friend and ally through life. Darkness is where you came from held in the primal waters of your Mother in her womb, and one day you will return to darkness when your earthly journey comes to an end.

Every night you return to darkness when you close your eyes and step into dreamtime, allowing your body to go through her process of rest and recuperation – all done in darkness in the great laboratory of your body.

But when you choose to step into darkness during your waking hours you are giving yourself permission to enter the darkness of your inner world filled with possibility and potential.

Darkness is the sacred path of Shadow Work and one you will be required to walk if you truly want to know who you are and know the truth of your soul.

Darkness is the realm of the feminine, the Mother, for in the darkness of Her vast cosmos Her moon shines and lights the way. And we all know the power of the moon!

It is the path of feeling and receiving, of sensing and intuiting, for you do not see with the eyes in your head, you see with the eyes of your heart, showing you the way home.

But you must learn to trust what you see and experience in the dark, even if it doesn’t make any sense, or seems surreal beyond belief.

When you learn to walk and see in the darkness, you open yourself to the radiant light within. You learn how to excavate through the myriad of suppressed emotions and feel your way through.

As you do you learn to face your greatest fears, and uncover the hidden roots of your unconscious patterns, allowing your light to shine on those lost, exiled, wounded parts of your Self.

When you learn the lessons they illuminate you give yourself permission to reclaim their wisdom and their gifts, reclaiming more of your Self, empowering your spirit with the true alchemy of your soul.

No longer afraid of the darkness you start to pay attention to what is being triggered, and where those triggers lead you. You welcome them as your teachers, and allow them to guide you in.

With your triggers as your guides, you start to see yourself and the world around you in a different light, engaging with it all with more conscious awareness with yourself at the centre as the creator of your own universe.

You fill the darkness with your own light, illuminating where you need to pay attention, what needs to be healed, transformed and integrated and what aspects of your true nature need to be welcomed back home.

When you walk this path you come to find there is so much beauty, power and potential in your darkness.

You learn compassion and love for Self.

You learn acceptance and forgiveness.

You learn how it feels to be in balance, and what you need to do and where you need to go when you feel out of balance.

You learn how it feels to be in peace and at war.

You learn how to create and how to destroy.

Above all else, you learn you are so much more than what you have been conditioned to be.

You learn how your sense of reality is deeper, brighter and more profound than the surface level you have been trying to survive within.

You learn how the darkness expands your very existence and your vision beyond the here and now.

You learn how your past has shaped you, giving you the gifts to thrive in the present and the dreams you want to manifest for the future.

It teaches you who you are and how you should never settle for anything less, because in this darkness you are a multifaceted jewel, shining in a dark sea of mystery, magic and wonder.

The question is whether you desire to find your true self hidden in your darkness!

With Love,
Nicola x

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