The Power Of The Quarter Moon Phases

The Power Of The Quarter Moon Phases

When we learn how to tune into the power of the quarter moon phases there can be so much more revealed about what no longer serves us.

No matter what stage of the journey we are on in our return to sovereignty, the moon and her cycles can support our path of unravelling and reweaving our power and potential.

We have learned for the most part to follow the new and full moon phases, but the quarter moon phases equally play such a potent role in our evolution.

I have worked with the Moon cycle for as long as I can remember, attuning to her natural rhythm helped me to nurture the deeper connection my own cycle, soul, psyche and shadow and how my energy ebbed and flowed and the emotions, energy and drive I would experience as a result.

However, it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I started to take it a step further and bring in the power of the quarter moon phases.

Wow, what a journey and a massive shift in understanding and perspective I have received as a result.

The quarter moon phases are bridges, between the New and the Full, the Full and Dark and they come with questions. It’s like being presented with a crossroads of the psyche and our soul’s journey.


The first quarter moon phase is referred to as ‘Crisis in Action’ – when we are often presented with a fear, a block or something that is ultimately getting in our way of moving forward.

It can present a frustration, a perception of how something is not working and therefore halts our onward journey, hence the ‘Crisis in Action’.

If we are attuned to this crossroad point, it can reveal a deeper aspect of our psyche that has not yet been integrated and therefore needs our attention. It is giving us clues as to what inner work we need to focus on.

For example, the first quarter moon of this lunar cycle, at the time of writing was on 24th Sept in Capricorn.

Anything that touches Capricorn in my own personal chart will automatically bring into question my self-worth, inner resources and value, and so it was no surprise that on this day I woke up from a nightmare which triggered so much frustration, sadness and grief.

The dream was showing me a long-held, deep belief system that I always ‘Make Do’ (more on this in another post) with what I am given and therefore manifest as I feel that this is all I am worth!!!

What a shocker this was! Crisis in Action! I want to move forward in a certain way and yet this unconscious belief system continuously keeps me from taking action in the desired way.

Therefore this presented a theme that was coming to the surface for me this lunar cycle, leading me into the Full Moon (1st October in Aries) – which highlighted the raw material that was buried beneath this unconscious belief system.


I explored how this one belief of ‘making do’ was seriously crippling my self-worth and my value and how I continuously undermine and sabotage my ability to take action in the area of my creativity.

Again, another release of suppressed grief and sadness that I disempowered myself in this way, by simply shining a light on what was buried in the dark.


This followed into the Last Quarter Moon Phase (10th October Cancer) otherwise known as ‘Crisis in Consciousness’ – another crossroads that potentially gives us the opportunity to now dismember the pattern and the belief system held in our psyche.

It can feel like we’re being blown open to another level of consciousness, as we start to break down what no longer serves us.

This can be quite a potent energy, as we are called to step into the unknown, which can be scary as hell as we’re moving out of our comfort zone, away from the familiar, even if the familiar has caused us pain and suffering, we have developed an attachment to it, and this shift asks us to ‘detach’ from it.

To let go and trust, which as we know is not always easy.

At this turning point on my own journey, during the last quarter moon phase, I realised that this ‘making do’ that affects my self-worth and creates the repetitive pattern of self-sabotaging my creativity, comes as a result of my fear of being visible and all the armour I have around my heart.

The fear of judgement, criticism and rejection is so profound that it has been easier to ‘make do’ rather than step into my potential. It’s been easier to stay hidden than be seen.

And this was my ‘Crisis In Consciousness’ because this deeply conditioned pattern that comes from another layer of core wounding and trauma is now causing me so much pain and suffering that I cannot continue like this.

I am now at the crossroads of my own consciousness and I now have to choose between my limited self, making do, or my higher self and my potential.

Realising that I am fully responsible for repeating this pattern and keeping myself safe and making do breaks me into a million pieces, releasing all the remaining grief, sadness and frustration that was held there and thus, shattering the armour around my heart.

I found myself in that space of the unknown, the void, ready to take responsibility and reweave a new pattern into being which is healthy and supports my evolution.

I can now I can take steps to nurture my creativity into being, from a place of empowered action rather than making do and hiding back under my stone.

Yes, it’s scary, but I now have the ability to make a conscious choice which is not hindered by an outdated belief system.

We are quite simply, in the words of Carl Jung, ‘making the unconscious, conscious’ by working and aligning with the power of the moon.


This journey working with the Quarter Moon Phases has been truly a transformational turning point in my own soul’s journey, it has helped me to go through these collective changes we are all experiencing with more understanding, depth and wisdom.

It has helped me take so many steps towards owning my sovereignty by revealing, healing and integrating what was hindering my evolution so I could truly reclaim aspects of my personal power to help me realise my potential.

What’s your story with the Quarter Moon Phases? I invite you to reflect back over this lunar cycle and explore what Crisis in Action and Crisis in Consciousness you’ve been faced with in your life.

What shifts in consciousness have you experienced?

With love,
Nicola x

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