The Path To Finding Your Authentic Self

The Path To Finding Your Authentic Self

We were born into this world with a mission in our blood, a sacred path to walk, and gifts to share with the world – the path towards finding our authentic self. Yet as we took our first steps and spoke our first words the first shadows were cast over our souls.

The more we grew, the further away we found ourselves from the essence of our authentic self, the truth of our soul.

Conditioned by those around us, by the hurt we endured through trauma and wounding, we became a myriad of emotions and feelings, all vying for attention, yet not being expressed.

Our authentic self found a dark place deep inside our core to protect our very essence, our spirit, our innate power. Waiting for the day we would come, to dig deep and reclaim her.

When we truly and clearly set the intention to meet ourselves in the mirror, we begin a process of unravelling the layers of the false self we have accumulated and begin to engage with our authentic self once again.

We begin to feel everything we are – the good and the bad. To embrace every aspect of self without judgement, blame or criticism. To face and own and feel every single undesirable emotion we have suppressed. The more we engage with this inner process we find the courage to dive in deeper and the strength to make the changes needed to birth fully birth our true self into being once again, the woman we were born to be.

And as we do so, we open our hearts again to magic and allow its gentle pulse to ripple through us once more.

Like a power line connecting us directly to our life source, we feel our authentic self vibrating and expanding outwards, with radiance and love.

Returning us back to the mission in our blood. The gifts we brought with us to share. The knowledge we carried to awaken.

Reminding us of the woman we were born to be – Magical – Majestic – Mystical.

With love,
Nicola x

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