How Keeping Secrets Keep Us Trapped

How Keeping Secrets Keep Us Trapped

Keeping secrets keep us bound and gagged. We hold them in the dark place under lock and key, wrapped in shame and guilt. We cover them in dismissal and denial and continue to run and hide from them.

Secrets hold us locked in events of the past, preventing us from living in the present and manifesting the future. They keep us trapped in the hell of our traumas and wounds.

Secrets are nightmares waiting to invade our dreamspace at any given moment.

They are like doors which remain closed and block our way through to the love and sunshine on the other side. They are what break our hearts over and over again. They are what keep us prisoner in a jail of our own making.

These secrets, are carefully constructed aspects of self we wish no-one else to know, to see, keeping us in the darkness.

Keeping us from shining our true light. Keeping us from the truth and beauty of who we are.

Secrets keep us in that dark place out of reach of our soul. They keep us checking out of our body and into harmful, unconscious patterns of behaviour when the memory of the secret is triggered by our external world.

Secrets tie our stomach in knots, every time someone dares to get close.

Not too close, or all will be revealed. Not to close or I may have to reveal this secret I don’t want you, nor I to see. Not too close or I may have to turn away and hide from you, cut you off, abandon you, abandon myself.

We don’t own these secrets. They own us!

Like energy vampires, they take every last drop of energy to keep them hidden. They suck out our life force. Energy and life force which would otherwise help us manifest our sacred dreams.

What secrets are you hiding?

What are you afraid of other people knowing about you?

What secrets are you afraid to face and own?

Feel the power of that secret. Feel what its energy does to your body. Feel what emotions it triggers in you. Feel how it sends you to the brink of your very being.

In Shadow Work, we will have to face these secrets.

Secrets are after all shadows held in the psyche of your unconscious. When we learn how to face these secrets in the shadow they will unravel before our very eyes. They will lose their potency and their grip on us. They will be released back into the ethers of the past where they belong.

When secrets are faced, owned, and released a lightness in mind, body and soul will be created.

A cleansing which will leave room for us to dive deeper into the depths of the unknown. A cleansing which will move us from fear of exposure to who gives a shit, this is who I am, and this is how I am made, just like you. A cleansing which will free us from the blame game, from projection, and from the triggers surrounding it.

So let’s call time and bring our secrets out of the darkness of the closet of our mind.

Let’s shine the light of our love, our strength and our will into their core. Let’s watch them dissolve once and for all and take a step closer to the truth of our soul.

With love,

Nicola x

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