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The Fragmented Soul and Shadow Work

“When we feel dis-connected, dis-harmony or dis-ease, or we are experiencing internal conflict, separation or the deep sense that something is missing, this is our intuition communicating the imbalances caused [ READ MORE ]

The Fragmented Soul and Shadow Work2022-01-05T09:15:59+01:00

Letting Go of Expectation

“Living and relating in expectation takes us out of the body and out of the present moment, sending our nervous system into unconscious overdrive, stress, and anxiety that could have [ READ MORE ]

Letting Go of Expectation2021-12-08T18:12:57+01:00

Why We Seek Validation From Others

"Our constant need to seek validation from others reflects how we consistently and chronically have been conditioned to give our power away and trust in others rather than the self" [ READ MORE ]

Why We Seek Validation From Others2021-11-25T08:06:42+01:00

Self-Worth And Toxic Words

"We have a hidden language, a language we use unconsciously, passed down through the generations from mother to daughter informing us that our needs and boundaries are not worthy of [ READ MORE ]

Self-Worth And Toxic Words2021-11-11T12:20:54+01:00

Shadow, Power and Vulnerability

"When we have a healthy relationship with our vulnerability we are able to face our deepest shadows and the pain and suffering hidden there so we can reclaim more of [ READ MORE ]

Shadow, Power and Vulnerability2021-10-28T09:39:35+02:00
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