As women, we’ve been conditioned to perform and conform to a predetermined set of rules created by a male-orientated structure that often denies and undermines our true feminine nature and as a result, we become lost within the structure and lost within the self.

This level of conscious and unconscious disempowerment on an individual and collective, personal and professional level systematically creates limitations in the psyche of women and separates them from their authentic self and their feminine principles, power and potential, leading them to ask – Who am I as a woman and what is my purpose within this structure?

Opening the door for women to explore their internal conflict, emotional intelligence and the cycles, taboos and unconscious bias that have an impact on how they relate with themselves and each other within this structure is a powerful gateway to transforming female consciousness on both a personal and professional level.

As a thought-leader in this area Nicola provides thought provoking presentations and workshops to open this inner dialogue in a safe and sacred environment.

If you would you like Nicola to bring value, insight and training to the women in your community or organisation or as a guest on your podcast book a call below.


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