When you learn how to explore the hidden side of your female psyche, you access a wealth of personal power and potential to Live Empowered From Your Heart and Not Dis-empowered By Your Conditioning

You are a talented professional woman experiencing a ‘Mid-Life’ crisis making you question who you are – as a woman, as a daughter, as a mother…

You are struggling with uncomfortable emotions, anxiety and stress linked to mother-wound trauma making you question who you are as a woman and your own relationship to motherhood, whether you have children or not.

You keep repeating the same unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviours that trigger internal conflict and confusion making you feel stuck, unfulfilled, disempowered and full of resentment.

You are not afraid of getting to the bottom of things and have been or are in therapy to sort yourself out, and yet, there is still something hidden deep inside you just can’t quite grasp. 

You are not alone!

As women, we are constantly challenged by these internal conflicts and I’m here to help you move beyond them

Let me support you IN accessing the hidden side of your female psyche with Shadow Walking  – 1:1 Shadow Work for Women


What is hidden beneath the surface, the deep conditioning that is held within you – your beliefs, attachment to ideals, expectations, and your needs and boundaries which are out of balance – hold the key to all the challenges you are currently facing in your life and relationships. 

You have the ability and personal power to make the necessary changes in your life and relationships when you give yourself permission to let go of control and explore what is hidden in your female psyche without judgement, denial, blame and shame.

As a result, you will navigate your life and relationship dynamics with more awareness, acceptance and compassion. Understanding that while you cannot change the behaviour and beliefs of others you can change how you respond to them helping you to respect your needs and honour your boundaries.

in a 90-min 1:1 session you will…

how is shamanic shadow work for women different from other therapeutic processes?

As a Shamanic Practitioner, it was my role to facilitate healing for my clients, however, over time I realised that this way of healing others no longer resonated.

It didn’t feel right.

I believed that if I was able to explore the hidden side of my female psyche through a combination of shadow work and shamanic practices then so too could my clients.

It has therefore been my driving desire to support and empower women to be their own healers, teachers and therapists.



What Clients Are Saying…



The 9-Month Shamanic Shadow Work For Women Program has been created as a supportive framework for women who are ready to do the inner work necessary to effect change in their lives and relationships, and who are not looking for a quick fix.

It is a program designed to create a  supportive long-term relationship built on trust to help you get to the very heart of who you truly are, unearthing and unraveling your deepest patterns and exploring the very depth of who you are as a woman.

Weaving together 1:1 Shadow Walking Sessions with the poetic and ancient language of select evolutionary homeopathic remedies will help you access what is deeply hidden in your female psyche.

It takes time to get to these deeper roots and cannot be rushed, and instead we allow the body and the cellular memory to reveal them as and when you are ready.

Together we will create a container to hold you, just like the Mother holds her unborn child in the womb, a safe and sacred space through which to experience the totality of who you are and engage with the true depth of your female psyche – to Release & Retrieve, Return & Reconnect, Remember & Restore.


18 x 90-min 1:1 Sessions Via Zoom (2/month)

An audio recording of each session

Email Support In-Between Sessions with homework and rituals along the way to help you go deeper

All Homeopathic Remedies


£3000 (Approx $4100)

+ P&P for Homeopathic Remedies – £25 (Approx $35) – by Courier Service

I like to meet My Clients first, so we can get to know each other and explore whether we’re a good fit, therefore I invite you to book a call with me 

Hi, I’m NIcola Lucie, Shamanic Practitioner who Specialises in Shadow Work for women

Nicola Lucie Shamanic Shadow Work for Women

Who is at the heart of ‘woman’ and ‘mother’, has been the centre of my attention for as long as I can remember.

Having been given up for adoption at the age of 2 and brought up by my maternal grandmother, I constantly asked the questions:

What behaviour and belief system drove this decision for both of these ‘Mother’s’?

What made one woman choose a different life separate from her child, while another dedicated her whole life to me?

Who am I between these two generations of the motherline, and how do I reveal, heal and integrate the internal conflicts that arose for me as a woman, as a daughter, and as a mother within them?

Finding answers to these questions has fuelled my exploration into the hidden side of the female psyche for the past 20+yrs. 

It has become my life’s work to understand the hidden threads of the feminine that connect us all and define and shape the relationship we have with ourselves and others, past, present and future, across lands, cultures and generations.

I now support talented professional women experiencing a midlife crisis who are struggling with discomfort, anxiety and stress linked to mother wound trauma and uncomfortable memories.

When they work with me, they break free from the ghosts from the past and start to live a life full of power, freedom with a clear sense of purpose and inner confidence.



Explore what is hidden in the depth of your female psyche so you can begin to redefine the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Face the internal conflict and uncomfortable emotions that keep you feeling stuck, anxious and stressed to help you reconnect with your true and intrinsic nature

Open to the spectrum of your emotional self with a sense of fluidity, sensitivity and ownership, taking full responsibility for who you are and how you feel.

Break free from the ghosts of the past and start to live a life full of power, freedom and a clear sense of purpose and inner confidence.


We all have a shadow side, a part of us that we are not conscious of and holds everything that we cannot see in ourselves and therefore we are unaware of the totality of our true nature

To know who we truly are, we will need to access and engage with all those unseen aspects of self that we have become disconnected from as they may have been seen or experienced as undesirable, unlikable, unacceptable, unloveable or uncomfortable. These aspects hold vital clues to our true nature and when faced, owned, healed and transformed we can access gifts, strengths and talents that were not available to use before. Quite simply, integrating our shadow unlocks key information of our soul code to live a more awakened life.

In a Shadow Walking Session, I do not engage in any energy work or healing, as I believe you are your own healer. Working with a deep meditative process I guide you into your body, through your emotional intelligence to help you access your unconscious, and find resolution for whatever it is that you need to work on in that moment.

From the moment you book your session, the inner work will naturally begin, as what you need to work on will start coming to the surface in your day-to-day life. What emotions are being triggered, what relationships are you finding challenging, what dreams you may be having, will all give us a clue as to what is arising to be revealed, healed and integrated.

This is the magic of the work and allowing what is hidden to speak through the intelligence of your body

All Shadow Walking Sessions are typically 90mins and held via Zoom from the comfort of your own home – this means we are not restricted by time, allowing the work to unfold and flow as it needs to. Sometimes sessions can run over, at no extra cost to you, as it is important to complete whatever has come to the surface. Upon booking I will send you a complete information sheet

take control of your life and relationships with a clear sense of purpose, possibility and personal power