The Maiden, Mother, & Crone, the Sacred Triptych of Woman, Resides in Each and Every One of Us

She Who Is

She Who Knows

She Who Connects With All of Life

She Who Holds the Key to the Depth and Power of the Feminine

Maiden Mother Crone, is a 4-wk online group workshop, a deep and profound process which combines Shamanic Practices with Shadow Integration Techniques to guide you within, to your inner realms, to REVEAL, HEAL & INTEGRATE what is hidden in your unconscious to empower the feminine from the inside out.


We are the Maiden, Mother, & Crone, individually and collectively, through the seasons of our lives and yet we are all three at the same time.

Each one bound by the other. Each one entwined with the other. Each one needed to embody and embrace the truth and beauty of who we are.

Yet, our Maiden, Mother, & Crone, have become entangled in the illusion of who we have been conditioned to be.

By society, by our parents and families, by our education, class, race and culture.

By our ancestral patterning, our wounding and traumas.

By our inherited belief systems and by the behaviours expected of us.

Conditioning which runs deep and has created our false sense of identity and our reality.

Conditioning which does not support us and keeps us from expressing the truth of our spirit. The truth of our soul. The truth of who we really are.

So we must take a voyage to the heart and soul of woman. To the deep intrinsic nature of the feminine. To unravel the threads of our conditioning that bind our Maiden, Mother, & Crone, so we can empower the red thread that connects us all.

We must journey deep if we are to face what needs to be explored.

We must have courage if we are to learn from our past and let go.

We must have strength if we are to confront the limiting beliefs we have adopted to be accepted, loved, and supported.

We must have the will to move through and beyond if we truly want to reclaim our power and live an authentic life, which is our birthright.

Transforming the shadows of your Maiden, Mother, & Crone is no easy feat. You will enter into a profound process that demands you to dig deep into the darkest places of your shadow, soul and psyche. You will be challenged. You will be changed. The illusion of your current reality will gently fall away as a result of the magic you will wield once again.

You will have no choice but to use your voice and be seen for the fucked up mess you have been conditioned to be. So you can, quite simply, re-member who you really are!


Working over four weeks you will be guided to make friends with the shadows of your Maiden, Mother and Crone to unravel the threads of the unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and constricting behaviours created from the wounding, trauma and conditioning that each have been exposed to.

Working individually, within the dynamics of the group, you will:

  • Come to learn and understand the dominant traits, belief system and behavioural pattern present in each and how they have overshadowed your life and prevented you from acceptance of self

  • Have the unique opportunity to step into each aspect, to really feel them, as if for the first time, through their pain and suffering, and then through their gifts and their power and how each can help and support you in engaging your true feminine potential

  • Have to listen. You will have to see. Not with your eyes and ears, but your deep knowing and intuition, the eyes and ears of your soul

  • Learn to deepen into trust of self. Re-membering trust as your foundation block to all that you are

  • Learn how to give yourself permission to be in a vulnerable space to feel the suppressed emotions which arise and learn how to work with them 

  • Learn how shame and guilt have shaped your life, how they no longer serve a purpose and how to release them 

  • Learn how to face your fears to empower you to make the necessary decisions to step closer towards reaching your highest potential

  • Learn how to engage with the shamanic practice of soul retrieval to reclaim aspects of self that have been lost to you

A journey from the heart.

From the soul.

Allowing your spirit to guide you.

You will be changed.

You will be transformed.

Your life will be enriched with knowledge and insight to guide you through and beyond to the next stages of your journey.


“Nicola’s process of walking through the shadows of the Triple Goddess is unique and needed in the world today. Her wisdom, words and understanding of the shadow worlds we all visit are truly inspired. Maiden, Mother & Crone is for anyone who is willing and honest enough to face their true self, with the knowledge that you might not like what you see, but you will not be judged and shamed by seeing it. In fact, you will be rewarded with great healing.”

Dee, Goa India, Author - The Truth – My Journey to the Other Side

“I really enjoyed working with the Maiden Mother Crone, it was extremely profound to uncover and release the unconscious patterns from these archetypes that I had held for so long and can now move forward with confidence and strength. Nicola’s facilitation and guidance during the entire process from start to end was amazing, she has a beautiful nurturing and encouraging presence and I’m so grateful to her for offering this!”

Lisa, New Zealand, Nutritionist

“Nicola holds space like no other. Do it. This is not like any other workshop you may have been on before. And probably will ever again.”

Ruthie, UK, Mental Health Professional

“The most empowering life-changing work I’ve ever done. Nicola helps to guide you in understanding yourself and with this, I finally feel like I’ve been given the instructions to the game of life. I can see life for what it is now and not find so much suffering in my day to day life. I know that life will be different and happier now.”

Felicia, USA, Writer

“Nicola is a fantastic guide/mentor. She is very knowledgeable, knows how to hold sacred space and is very clear of her intentions for herself as the facilitator, you as the student and for the entire group. She will encourage and support you through this vulnerable empowering transformative process. She is simply heaven sent for someone who truly desires to heal and evolve their journey. I recommend the Maiden Mother Crone Workshop to everyone looking to truly discover more of themselves, anyone who has experienced trauma and anyone who truly wants to learn what self-love and compassion entails.”

Steph, USA, Holistic Therapist


  • 5 Live 90-minute Gatherings via Zoom to introduce the Maiden, Mother, & Crone Work, including an Opening and Closing Ceremony

  • 4 Live 60-minute Q&A Sessions with Nicola Lucie

  • All live content is recorded so can be viewable at any time

  • Regular live video instructions and intentions for the work of the Maiden, Mother, & Crone

  • Access to a Private Online Community and full support from Nicola Lucie within it


Due to the deep and powerful nature of this workshop spaces are LIMITED to keep the group intimate and accountable, so I can give my full support within the circle we create together








1:1 90-min SESSIONS


I sincerely look forward to walking this journey with you!

With love & gratitude, 

Nicola x