Taking Responsibility For Every Aspect of Our Lives

Taking Responsibility For Every Aspect of Our Lives

Our world is in crisis. Mother Earth continues to be abused and raped for her natural resources to feed the frenzy that is pathological consumerism, a symptom of the problem created through deep conditioning and the misuse of power. Over and over again, we are seeing movements within society rise up demanding action and the need for accountability and responsibility, yet the sad fact is, at whose door does the real responsibility lie?

Who are we holding accountable for this sorry mess we find ourselves in, on a collective and an individual level?

Who are we asking to take responsibility if we ourselves are not taking personal responsibility? Are we taking personal responsibility for every aspect of our lives – spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, our health and wellbeing, our finances, our magic, and our own morality?

It’s so easy to project our needs onto others, especially within the global and political arena, taking a stand against the 1% who rule and dominate through fear, keeping us in the illusion of lack and perceived need.

Yet, here we are, and the movements we see today are indeed needed, as our need to be part of something bigger, to come together and have our united voice heard, fills us with the hope that we will be listened to and therefore affect the change needed.

The point we miss though, is that real change starts from within and that change starts with responsibility.

Personal responsibility is one of the core foundation blocks of our personal power, yet it is so often overlooked as it is buried underneath deep layers of personal, generational, cultural, religious and political conditioning.

Yes, we think we’re ‘doing our bit’ and taking responsibility by recycling, buying organic or fair-trade, refraining from eating animal products, not using pharmaceutical medicine, or boycotting plastic. We are taking a stand, yet the majority of the population, still drive cars, still take planes and trains, still shop in supermarkets, continue to waste water, burn fossil fuels, and continue to buy into mass consumerism. Are we taking personal responsibility for those aspects which give us comfort and ease?

Then there is the human being, as an organism, as part of nature’s natural eco-system. Are we taking personal responsibility for what it means exactly to be human? To live IN a body, an intelligent system, that signals to us when then there is an imbalance, signals which often go ignored and therefore become further suppressed, creating more imbalance, more malaise, more illness.

The body which moves through life being directed by our unconscious patterns, beliefs, behaviours and thought forms, created from wounding, trauma, and conditioning, at the mercy of our suppressed emotions, erupting and feeding the psychodramatic bubble and the chaos in the outside world. Are we taking personal responsibility for this – changing our level of consciousness, making the unconscious conscious and therefore changing our complete state of being and our perception of how life really is, and how much power and control we really do have, as an individual to effect deep and long-lasting change?

Then there is the question of how we, as human beings, interact within society, taking personal responsibility for everything which is not really important out of a sense of duty, through the conditioned lens of perceived responsibility, and what is deemed acceptable and just, even if it keeps us trapped, unsupported and caught on the hamster wheel of never moving forward, never fully embodying who we really are.

Under this umbrella, we also see the projection of seeking outside self for others to take responsibility for certain aspects of our lives – safety, security, and stability, love, comfort, nurturance, to ‘provide’ for us in some way, as we continue to live under the illusion that certain aspects of life we cannot provide for ourselves.

This perceived ‘lack’ keeps us disempowered and prevents us from tapping into our personal power of responsibility, that we indeed, can provide ourselves with everything we need, if only we dare to take full responsibility for every aspect of our lives.

Too often, there is still the need to blame and judge others, projecting our ‘lack’ and our unowned shit, onto cultural, generational, religious and societal structures, that it is somehow their fault we are in this mess, without taking responsibility that we have each had a part to play in creating it in the first place and therefore we each have a responsibility to unravel it, within self first.

We cannot change on the outside what we do not understand on the inside first. We must unravel the very threads of this conditioning from our own lives, from our ancestral patterning first, to deepen our understanding of the power of responsibility, and it’s weight upon our shoulders, as trying to pass it onto others just makes it heavier and heavier.

So let me ask you one last time – what aspect of your life are you not taking personal responsibility for?

With love,
Nicola x

Artwork – Betrayal by Mario Sanchez Nevado

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