8 Reasons to Embrace Shadow Work

8 Reasons to Embrace Shadow Work

”One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” Carl Jung

We are living in challenging times, and these challenging times are asking each and every one of us – to wake up, step up and step in. We are collectively in the shadow of our own making, living unconsciously in a world which is now suffering on every level. Humanity, like our environment, has suffered at the hands of abusers, who have raped, pillaged, colonised all that is sacred, all in the name of money, power and greed.

We are individually part of the problem, yet we are also part of the solution.

Now, these times are calling us to unravel what our ancestors have started, what we have continued and what our children will inherit.

The message is clear – we are awakening to our current reality and what we see in our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and therefore our work must start by going within. We are being called to enter into our own inner realms, to wade through the darkness of our shadow so we may reclaim the truth and beauty of who we really are.

Our shadow is the place in our unconscious where we have buried all those parts of our self which we have rejected, repressed, and kept hidden due to wounding, trauma and conditioning we have suffered throughout our current lifetime, those we have brought through as karmic contracts from our previous incarnations, and those of our ancestors.

They are the parts of self, which we prefer not to see or own as they cause us pain and undesirable emotions such as shame and guilt.

Therefore we create unconscious patterns and masks to keep them hidden from ourselves and others.

However, these parts also hold the key to our innate power and unique gifts, strengths and talents and by gently excavating through the myriad of emotions to reclaim them we are able to step closer to our true authentic self and reach our highest potential.

Shadow work is the process we take to face all of these unconscious patterns and conditioning and it is a life-long journey which takes patience, time, courage, and a whole lot of love and compassion. However, when we step forth on this path we quickly realise it is one of self-empowerment, transformation and liberation.

8 Reasons to Start Shadow Work Today

1) Shadow work will dissolve the illusions of who we think we are, and in doing so will dissolve the illusions of a fear-based reality which has been forced upon us to be law-abiding, moral and tamed citizens to keep us inline and conforming to a set of rules which are not our own

2) Shadow work will help us break free from debilitating patterns and behaviours which have kept us trapped in negative and unhealthy relationships

3) Shadow work will help us raise our vibration from fear-based, energy draining drama and transcend from 3d – 4d reality, moving from duality and separation to unity and cosmic consciousness, where we all have a unique role to play in dreaming a new earth into being

4) Shadow work will help us bring harmony back into our inner lives by embracing the darkness and bringing it back into balance with the light – giving us a deeper understanding of how this balance within is vital to manifest a love-based reality in the external world

5) Shadow work will help us blast out of the bonds which have forced us to conform to societal, family, religious and cultural norms, helping us to dissolve the shame and guilt that has been brainwashed into us if we didn’t

6) Shadow work will help us to understand we have to take responsibility for every aspect of our lives as we are the result of the decisions of our ancestors, the problems we face today are in our blood, yet we also have the means through embracing our shadow to heal and make the necessary changes to ensure [his]story is not repeated, passing our wisdom down to the next seven generations

7) Shadow work will help us become whole, by helping us own and integrate what is out of balance, giving us a deeper understanding that we are made of polarities, which when in balance are no longer one or the other, they simply are

8) Shadow work will help us move from fear-based reality to a love-based reality, our natural state of being, where we know ourselves from inside out, we respect our boundaries and therefore respect the boundaries of others, we trust ourselves first and foremost and in doing so we learn to be more discerning of people and experiences which cross our paths

So the question is….what are you waiting for?

With Love,

Nicola x

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