Meet Nicola Lucie, The Woman Behind The Feminine Principle

Nicola Lucie - Shadow Work Coach

We all come from woman, from a mother, and yet woman and mother in today’s sense of the word have become so mired in a sense of who we ‘should’ be rather than who we truly are.

Who is at the heart of ‘woman’ and ‘mother’, has been the centre of my attention for as long as I can remember. Having been born to a single 19-yr-old young woman in the 70’s, who suffered greatly bringing me into the world, and had to face the uncompromising prejudice of her status in the eyes of society and the health professionals who were supposed to offer care and support for us both.

Two years later, she would choose to give me up for adoption, a decision which created a rupture in her relationship with her own mother, my maternal grandmother, who fought for legal custody of me to save me from a life in care.

What behaviour and belief system drove this decision for both women, as individuals as part of the collective? What made one woman choose a different life separate from her child, while another dedicated her whole life to me? Who am I between these two generations of the motherline, and how do I reveal, heal and integrate the internal conflicts that arose for me as a woman and a mother within them?

These have been questions that have fuelled my curiosity, desire and a deep longing to understand the hidden threads of the feminine that connect us all and define and shape the relationship we have with ourselves, others and our beloved planet from past, present and future, across lands, cultures and generations.

A journey which has taken me through a BA/BSc in Psychology and Women’s Studies, Esoteric Goddess Wisdom and Matriarchal Cultures, through to the transcendental and metaphysical realms with an intensive 5-yr Shamanic Training, and an experiential path of Homoeopathy and Astrology that opened the deep cavernous space within me to explore the soul’s journey and the invisible threads that create our human nature.


How The Feminine Principle Was Born

The Feminine PrincipleThrough my own path, I could see how the world in which we lived asked us, as women, to perform and conform to a set of predetermined rules, putting us in boxes in a way that never felt quite right to me. I could always see, feel and understand something deeper at work that guides our human journey and the evolution of our soul.

Therefore my rebellious nature would always look for ways to challenge and disrupt the ‘old’ way of living, behaving, believing and doing to live inline with the gifts we had been given – our bodies, our emotions, our personal power and our own unique strand of magic. All of it hidden beneath the surface, in the intuitive knowing sense of the feminine.

Even as a Shamanic Practitioner, as I became adept at healing others, I knew on some level what I was doing for them, they could somehow do for themselves. I knew they had the power within them to face and heal their own trauma and wounding, break free from the cages of their conditioning, reclaim lost soul essence, unravel the threads of their ancestral and familial lines, and release suppressed energies that no longer served them. I inherently believed, that if I could do, this then they somehow could do it too.

Over time, with the help and guidance of my own lineage, as the knowledge, wisdom and gifts I had received through my own journey back home to self, became ever-present enabled me to hold space for others to explore this inner cauldron of magic and mystery held within them.

By simply being their guide and showing them the way, they were are able to take a voyage into the darkness of their own unconscious, opening themselves to become their own healers, their own teachers and their own therapists, releasing their need to control the outcome and hanging onto expectation and flow once again with their own innate wisdom, their own innate knowing, taking back their power and ownership of their lives.

Being present in their bodies, connected to the emotional intelligence that runs through them, and taking full responsibility for their own inner world, reclaiming what has been hidden, they are now able to navigate their lives from a strong and healthy container. Witnessing instead of reacting, and bringing more attention and awareness into every aspect of their lives through this deep understanding of themselves, developing and trusting in their own intuition and weaving it through the eco-system that is ALL of life and creation.

The Feminine Principle cannot be proved by science, it cannot be claimed and owned, it can only be awakened and felt.

The Feminine Principle, is not my work, but our work, the work of all women, the work of the feminine and the reclaiming of all that we are so we can live with purpose and take action to bring into balance the inequality and injustice that is still widely prevalent in our world today.

Heart-centred work based on inclusion rather than exclusion, creating a circle of reciprocal generosity, based on integrity, trust, honesty and commitment. Because only together can we change the weave for ourselves, our communities, our beloved mother earth and the next generations following in our wake.

My Mission, Vision and Core Values

I am an empowerment-focused practitioner, who is in service to others and Mother Earth to bring back into balance the unhealthy relationship women have with themselves and others.


My mission to empower women to believe, love and trust in themselves first and foremost to be at home in their bodies and with their emotional intelligence so they can live embodied and enriched lives full of purpose, possibility and wonder.


This is not my work, but OUR work, individually and collectively, and by redefining our relationship with ourself first, we can weave a new paradigm into being, one which respects and honours the gifts of the feminine, of who we are as women, as mothers, as the guardians of the life and the sacred, from the inside out.

Core Values

Ethical Living

When we learn to engage and live our lives with integrity, trust, honesty and commitment we learn our own moral code.

We develop a deep sense of trust of what we want and don’t want in our lives, committing to a path we know aligns with our values and being able to reinforce our boundaries through honesty and commitment to live authentically and with integrity.


Self-empowerment is developed through radical responsibility and being able to take responsibility for every aspect of our lives.

When we reclaim and strengthen this internal resource we are able to move from the unconscious victim, blaming others and what is happening in our external world for the current state of our lives, into an empowered state of being and doing.


The more self-aware we become about how we are creating our reality, the more we are able to change our perception and live our lives from a place of acceptance and compassion without judgement or blame.

In doing so we are able to bring more self-awareness into listening deeply to the intelligence of our body and emotions, to the communication we receive from our interaction with the external world becoming more conscious and present in our lives.


Finding out who we truly are underneath the surface, beneath the masks we wear in our need to be accepted and loved and to give us a sense of identity that has been created from our conditioning.

The more we engage consciously with our journey of self-discovery, the more we are able to dig deeper to unearth and tap into the magic that has been hidden from the light.