wounded feminine

The Wounded Feminine Through Persephone

Jessica Dawn BourqueThe wounded feminine is an aspect of self we all know! It is part of our deep psyche that keeps us locked down in limiting beliefs and behaviours and returning back to unhealthy relationships with ourselves and others. And yet, with love and grace, we continue to return to this darkness within, to excavate what is still holding us back from truly loving thyself.

In this episode I’m joined by Jessica Dawn Bourque, Shamanic Evolutionary Astrologer, and Creatrix of The Temples of Moon who is a highly sensitive empath and intuitive healer with an extraordinary ability to sense and tune into energy and to listen and receive insight to facilitate deeply soulful transformation through her gift as a Cosmic Channel, connecting the above and the below.

We are exploring Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld and how her journey is a symbolic rite of passage for all women as we work with the wounded feminine and move from the victim archetype through the bonds of the mother, to the abduction of our soul’s essence by the patriarchal shadow, and come full circle through the darkness to own the truth and depth of who we truly are, as the sovereigns of our own internal kingdom.

Questions to Consider

In which relationships does Persephone show up in your life?

How do you identify with her?

What can you learn from her?

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