Are you ready to meet yourself in the mirror and shed the layers of your limited self so you can RECLAIM YOUR SOVEREIGNTY and live the MAGIC of your SOUL?

You are a woman who knows there is so much more to life than what you are currently experiencing….

▼ You are purposeful, passionate and want to break free from the internal conflict that keeps you playing small, living a half-life, while in the background the clock keeps ticking and time passes you by.

▼ You don’t want more therapy, more workshops, more self-help books, but more knowing, and feeling who you are inside, present and grounded in the body, a woman who knows exactly who she is.

▼ You are brave and courageous and ready to face the totality of yourself in the mirror, engaging your fears, making friends with your shadows, walking through the messy complicated emotions that run like wildfire within you, to break yourself wide open and put yourself back together again.

Piece by piece, thread by thread. From the Heart. From the Soul.

The feeling, flowing feminine principle runs like a river through your body. It is your greatest resource, your own inner laboratory that is wise and wonderful and connects to all of life.

As Above So Below. As Within So Without.

In our current reality, we have been conditioned to

Disconnect from our wild, chaotic and emotional self

Focus our attention on the masculine way of doing, and ignore the feminine way of being

Forget the wise and intuitive intelligence of our bodies

Bury our feelings, say yes when we mean no, swallow our truth, and play small to perform and conform

Sacrifice our dreams and give all that we have to everyone else but ourselves

Wear the many masks we have been assigned to hide the truth of who we are

To Reclaim Your Sovereignty Means To

▼ Know yourself inside and out, as above, so below, as within, so without

▼ Engage with the rich tapestry of your inner world

▼ Understand the depth of what is hidden and unseen

▼ Listen deeply to the intelligence of the body, connected to your emotional self and intrinsic nature

▼ Live by your strengths and follow your impulses, passions and purpose

▼ Know the cycles of death and birth, of chaos and calm, of creation and destruction

▼ Engage the wisdom of compassion and the power of awareness

▼ Trust in the threads of intuition, of inner seeing and inner knowing 

▼ Bring understanding to the human journey where everything is connected and nothing is as it seems

SOVEREIGNTY is for you if your ARE ready to:

Redefine your relationship with yourself, others and Mother Earth

Face the internal conflict to reconnect with your true and intrinsic nature.

Open to the spectrum of your emotional self with a sense of fluidity, sensitivity and ownership.

Build a strong connection to your body, your own sacred temple and the home to your soul through which you can confidently navigate your human journey.

Strengthen your inner foundation of trust and personal power, rooted in your core to feel safe, stable and secure.

Unravel the threads of your external relationships from an intuitive place of attention and awareness, wisdom and understanding.

Take radical responsibility for every aspect of your life, changing your perception along the way and activating compassion and acceptance.

Lay your masks on the floor and step into your vulnerability, to be seen and heard for all that you are.

Explore the hidden depth of the feminine principle that resides within you, your birthright, through the lens of darkness and the great cosmic web.

SOVEREIGNTY is NOT For You If You Are:

Not willing to meet the work head-on and enter into the deep introspection that is required of you.

Looking for a quick fix or another talking therapy session.

Looking for someone else to heal you, as I am not your healer, you are your own healer.

Not willing to take responsibility for your life and your own sense of safety, security and stability.

Not willing to let your guard down and enter into a state of trust and surrender so you can dive deep.

Not willing to commit to the whole process from a place of honesty and integrity, respecting my time and energy.

Not going to engage with your triggers and the mirror of your external life.

Not willing to engage with the intelligence of your body and what it is communicating to you at any given moment.

What You Will Learn and Experience

Weaving together 1:1 Shadow Walking Sessions to access what is hidden in your unconscious with the poetic and ancient language of select homoeopathic remedies you will take a journey into the body, through the emotional self and into the heart of your soul following the threads woven through the tapestry of your life.

Together we will create a container to hold you, just like the Mother holds her unborn child in the womb, a safe and sacred space through which to experience the totality of who you are and engage the magic hidden in the darkness – to Release & Retrieve, Return & Reconnect, Remember & Restore.

Releasing and Retrieving

▼ Learn to engage and connect with the depth of the emotional body

▼ Face, heal and integrate wounding and trauma learning how to work with fear and resistance, to retrieve vital soul essence, gifts, strengths and talents

▼ Release the threads woven through the ancestral lines

▼ Expand your self-awareness through the mirror of the external world as a reflection of your internal world

Returning and Reconnecting

▼ Return to your current reality through the lens of the soul

▼ Reconnect with your internal foundation of trust and personal power through radical responsibility, redefining your boundaries and taking action that supports your soul path

▼ Explore and understand the nature of the internal conflict between the higher self and the conditioned self through the polarities and how to bring them back into balance

Remembering and Restoring

▼ Root yourself in your body feeling the strength of your core and able to respond to the needs of the body through deep listening

▼ Remember your authentic self, through your own personal philosophy and core values, engaging in your passions and purpose

▼ Restore a strong sense of self-awareness that supports a change in perception and brings more compassion and understanding to the unconscious threads of the collective

What You Will Receive

▼ 18 x 90-min 1:1 Sessions Via Zoom (2/month)

▼ An audio recording of each session

▼ Homework and rituals along the way to help you go deeper

▼ All Homoeopathic Remedies

Your Financial Commitment

The 9-Month Immersion is based on an ethical pricing model that introduces sliding scale price points to allow those with means to contribute without restriction and those with limited resources to be included so together we can create a circle of goodwill, gratitude and social good.

Sliding Scale Rates £1800 – £3600

+ P&P for Homeopathic Remedies – £25 Europe / £50 Outside EU – by Courier