awakening woman


Are You an Awakening Woman?

An awakening woman knows she is responsible for the state of her life, the dreams she hasn’t fulfilled, the mundane life she lives, the unhealthy relationships and patterns she finds herself in.

An awakening woman knows it is up to her to change her life from inside out.

An awakening woman knows she will have to enter into her dark inner realms to move through the pain and suffering of her wounds, trauma and conditioning to reclaim the gifts of her innate power, her sacred sexuality, her voice, and her true authentic self and by doing so she brings more light and love to her world.

An awakening woman knows she was born for greater things, was born to help humanity birth a new world into being.

An awakening woman knows she holds the energy of both the divine feminine and the noble masculine and the two must be in balance within herself before she can help manifest this same balance into the collective.

An awakening woman knows she needs to love and own herself in all of her totality – the good, the bad, the flawed and the absolutely fabulous.

An awakening woman knows she must let go of the legacy burdens of her ancestors which she has been carrying so she can live her own life, fulfil her own soul path, from a place of her own centre.

An awakening woman knows she must reclaim her magic and the wisdom she has brought through from her many lifetimes, weaving it into new forms to help and empower others to do the same.

An awakening woman knows the past has gone, the future has not yet arrived and all there really is, is this present golden moment.

An awakening woman knows she must break down the barriers around her heart, so she may vibrate at the frequency of love rather than fear.

An awakening woman knows she must pay attention not to project her own shadow onto others, that she must learn discernment and understand her words have the power to create, empower and destroy.

An awakening woman knows she must reclaim her boundaries, and not be afraid to enforce those boundaries even if it means displeasing others.

An awakening knows, that She, quite simply….IS

With love, Nicola Lucie xxx

Artist Unknown – Please PM for credit or removal x

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