Navigating a Relationship Breakdown

Relationship Breakdown

"Exploring the shadow side of the relationship and why it's broken down on an individual level, as well as a relationship level, we can start to recognize our own deep-seated patterns and the patterns which we have brought into the relationship in the first place."

Nicola Lucie

Has Your Relationship Reached a Limitation And You Are Now Seeking Whether Potential Still Exists?

In this episode of The Feminine Principle Podcast, I’m exploring the complex dynamics of navigating a relationship breakdown, an aspect of our lives that can be deeply painful and traumatic, as we have to face the part of ourselves that fears being honest because we are afraid of being rejected or rejecting and hurting the other.

Yet, the relationship breaks down because we have reached a limitation within the self and within the relationship and the shadow is fully activated, on an individual and relationship level. This challenges us to separate from the relationship dynamic so we can reclaim a sense of identity, giving us the opportunity to practice honesty and explore whether there is still potential in the relationship from love, dreams and desires.

What You Will Learn:

1) Why relationships breakdown and what happens when they do

2) Being honest in relationships and why we are so afraid of it

3) Escapism and destructive behaviour and the role of self-protection

4) The emotions that get triggered that shatter the illusion

5) The role of the shadow to explore our limitations and our potential

Questions for Deeper Reflection

1) Where are you not being honest win your relationships with others?

2) What do you want to say that is not being said?

3) Where have you reached a limitation in your relationship that is now asking for your attention?

4) Who are you as a woman within this relationship and where are your needs not being met?

With Love, 

Nicola x



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