We All Get Triggered, Right?!

Emotional triggers can cause havoc in our relationships with others, and with ourselves, keeping us in the loop of irrational reaction rather than rational response. 

However, when we learn how to work WITH our emotional triggers they become our greatest friends on our personal development path. 

Emotional triggers are the little helpers that signal to us what is out of balance on the outside that needs our attention on the inside so we can bring it back into balance.


Breakfree from the psychodrama that typically plays out in your personal and professional relationships when one or both parties gets triggered

Become more self-aware of how you relate to yourself and others and where those triggers are holding unresolved wounds in your body

Reveal what is hidden in your female psyche that needs your attention to be resolved so you can tap into more of your personal power and strengths

Get Started Mastering Your Emotional Triggers With Our Free

Playbook and Trigger Tracker 

And Begin The Journey To Know Your Deeper Self, Redefining the Relationship You Have With Yourself And Others Along The Way!