How To Work With Psychological Projection

psychological projection

How To Work With Psychological Projection

How many times have you judged someone for being too fat, too thin, too good, too bad, too controlling, too weak, too noisy, too nosey, too rich, too poor, too this, too that?

This is the art of psychological projection.

How many times have you blamed someone for hurting you, for making you suffer, for causing you pain, for making you cry?

This is the art of psychological projection.

How many times have shamed someone into doing something they didn’t want to do, for making them behave the way you wanted them to, for making them give you something you felt you deserved, to mould them into something they are not?

This is the art of psychological projection.

How many times have you criticized someone for the way they look, the way they dress, the way they speak, the way they eat, the choices they have made, the decisions they have taken, the relationships they are in?

This is the art of psychological projection.

How many times have you tried to manifest your life based on your expectations of others?

This is the art of psychological projection.

How many times a day do you find yourself expecting, judging and blaming, shaming and criticizing?

Pay attention now and make a list.

The art of projection requires your honesty, your attention and your awareness. It requires you to stop and take stock.

The art of projection is in the mirror.

What we see in others is a reflection of self.

What we see in others, we don’t own in ourselves and therefore gives us clues to the map of what is hidden in our unconscious and the keys to self-awareness to integrate and heal.

What we see in others helps us find the way home.

The way home, to truth and openness and honesty.

The way home to those parts of self we have buried.

The way home to face those wounds which were caused.

The way home to own those aspects of all that we are.

So next time you’re ready to open your mouth, to think that thought, to bitch about someone.


Listen to the words you were about to speak or you heard in your head. Hold them up as the mirror they are. Reflect them back to self.

And ask….

What did I see in them that is a reflection of me?

What aspect of self do I not own?

What is the reason I do not own it?

What are the feelings and emotions in draws up from within?

What is the wounding, trauma or conditioning it triggers in me?

What is coming forth to be healed?

And when those questions have been explored, the emotions felt and embraced, the wounding faced, you will sense an inner knowing that somehow you have started to master the Art of Psychological Projection.

You will know it and smile.

Then step by step, your projections become teachers, those ‘other’s’ triggering the gateways within and gradually you Shadow Walk your way to self-healing, and cradle all that you are.

What is your experience with psychological projection? Join the conversation and share your thoughts and insight below.  

With love, Nicola Lucie xxx

Artist Credit – Barbara A Lane x


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