Walking in the darkness is the path to finding your true self. The path we must take if we are to truly know thyself. Know the truth of our soul.

Yet the darkness within is an aspect of self we have been conditioned to fear. Our darkness is not good, not holy, not sacred, nor clean. It is evil, wrong, and hysterical.

Yet the darkness, shows us the way home, if only we trust we can see in the dark.

When we learn to walk and see in the darkness, we open ourselves to the radiant light within. We excavate through the myriad of suppressed emotions and learn to feel our way through.

As we do so we face our fears, we uncover the roots of our unconscious patterns, and we allow our light within the darkness to shine on those lost, hidden, exiled, sabotaged parts of self.

We learn the lessons they illuminate and give ourselves permission to reclaim their gifts. And in doing so, we reclaim more of self and empower our spirit with the true alchemy of our soul.

No longer afraid of the darkness we start to pay attention to what is being triggered, and where those triggers lead us. We welcome them as our teachers, and allow them to guide is in. With our triggers as our guides, we start to see ourselves in a different light within the darkness.

As we walk the path of darkness, we engage with self on a much more conscious level.

After all, the path of darkness makes the unconscious conscious. Fills the darkness with light. Illuminates where in our darkness we need to pay attention. What needs to be healed. What needs to be transformed. What needs to be integrated. What needs to be brought back home.

When we walk this path we come to find there is so much beauty in our darkness.

We learn compassion and love of self. We learn acceptance and forgiveness. We learn how it feels to be in balance, and what we need to do and where we need to go when we feel an imbalance. We learn how it feels to be in peace and at war. We learn how to create and how to destroy, and how we no longer have to fear one or the other.

We learn above all else, we are so much more than how we have been conditioned to be.

How our sense of reality is deeper, brighter and more profound than the surface level we have been living. How the darkness expands our very existence and our vision beyond the here and now. How our past has shaped us and given us gifts to thrive in the present and dreams for the future.

How we are who we are and we shouldn’t settle for anything less, multifaceted jewels, shining in a dark sea of mystery, magic and wonder.

With Love, Nicola x

Artwork Unknown, Please PM for credit or removal thanks x


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