Conditioning Psychology – One Child, One Planet

conditioning psychology

Conditioning Psychology – One Child, One Planet

This is an exercise in exploring our deep unconscious, our conditioning psychology, and the five tools of shadow work I teach in my practice – triggers, projection, the mirror, manifestation and projection. 

I recently came across this social media post calling out the organisation – One Child One Planet…


one child, one planet


What are your first thoughts? What does it trigger in you? How does it make you feel?

Our first thoughts are our judgements, our projections, based on a set of beliefs that come from our deep conditioning psychology. 

So now let me ask you, where does this judgement come from? Is it your truth or something that has been instilled into you by others?

The One Child, One Planet organisation behind this who obviously have an agenda just like every other organisation out there, are they right or wrong? Are they allowed to express their views or do we demand to shut them-up and censor them?

Let’s take it another step deeper. We all have an opinion. We are all entitled to have an opinion. However, where is the thin line between sovereignty and conformity?

Where does each of us sit on this spectrum?

Do we own our sovereignty and know we always have the right to choose, no matter what the agenda dictates? Or do we conform to meet the agenda, therefore losing our sense of sovereignty?

Now, let’s take it into our personal relationships.

Do we accept the sovereignty of others that they have the right to voice their own opinions even if we may not agree with them? Or, do we expect others to conform to our set of beliefs and ask them to bend to our will? 

How much energy do we waste on this psychodramatic bubble or ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’?  

Remember this is an exercise in exploring our conditioning psychology, there is no right or wrong, just our own understanding, our own truth and seeing where it leads. 

The idea is to get us to explore beneath the surface of our surface-level triggers. 

We explored this over in our Dark Womb Community, and it has been interesting observing the response and the places in our psyche it led us to.

The wounds and traumas we are still holding onto.

The conditioning and where it came from.

The deeply-charged emotions that were fuelling our opinions.

But, most of all, it has been the understanding that we each gained from this about how we navigate our personal relationships.

How we empower and disempower in our relationships and then exploring the steps we can take to meet the former on an individual level and the difference it makes to bring this simple awareness into our daily lives with those we are in a relationship with.

With Love, 

Nicola x


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