Celebrating the True Essence of Woman – International Women’s Day

Celebrating the True Essence of Woman

"The true essence of the feminine is where everything exists yet nothing is seen. She is the magic and the mystery held in each and every one of us, across time and space, across lifetime, generations, lands and cultures. She is the all-being all-seeing aspect of our very nature that which cannot be tamed and whose flame burns within."

Nicola Lucie

What Is Your True Feminine Nature?

Today we are exploring our innate female nature as we celebrate women, past present and future recognising the individual and collective pain and suffering we have all been exposed to while honouring the power and potential we all have to break the chains of inequality, oppression and conformity.

This is a day to remember who we are, as women, as mothers, as daughters, sisters and friends and gives us the opportunity to return back to the womb, to remember our feminine nature and all that we are, hidden and seen.

With Love, 

Nicola x



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