Loving the Wounded Female Psyche

Learning to love the madness in our deeply wounded feminine psyche is the fundamental concept of Shadow Work, to return us to love, to balance, to being in-tune and in-touch [ READ MORE ]

Loving the Wounded Female Psyche2020-10-29T16:40:36+01:00

Ayurveda For Women’s Health

Ayurveda for women's health helps us to listen intuitively to our body's natural rhythm and supports our return to our true nature. Have you ever wondered what it would be like [ READ MORE ]

Ayurveda For Women’s Health2021-01-06T18:07:34+01:00

The Dynamics of Disempowerment

It really is amazing how much we have been disempowered over the centuries, as women, as men, as a collective, yet through this systematic conditioning, we have learned how to [ READ MORE ]

The Dynamics of Disempowerment2021-01-06T13:29:03+01:00
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