”Shadow Work with Nicola resulted in me journeying right to the core of the Mother Wound which I have been carrying for most of this lifetime. Nicola holds space with integrity, compassion and love; the trust I feel when working with her empowers me to delve deep into unravelling the source of some of my self-destructive patterns and behaviours, no matter how painful.

Nicola’s teaching and wisdom have then taught me how to bring those shadow parts into balance. Translating that into everyday life: I can easily say that my life is transforming and changing at a rapid rate. I have discovered self-love, courage and personal boundaries. Feelings of guilt and shame are fading and diminishing.

Relationships with some family members are improving, most importantly with my Mum and Dad. Nicola has helped me to find my voice and gradually I am working towards standing in my truth. What does that mean? It means that I am no longer afraid to be me. This is only the beginning and I’m excited about what is to come.”


“I had Shadow Work Sessions with Nicola during an extremely traumatic period in my life. She helped me through and provided me with many tools that were essential during that time, tools which I can continue to use in my ongoing healing process.

The shadow work itself was invaluable and I have learnt a great deal from it, most importantly how to trust myself and set healthy boundaries. I would recommend Shadow Walking with Nicola to anyone who wants to start to get to the bottom of why painful patterns in their lives keep recurring and begin to look at these things square on, thus beginning to remove the control they have over us.

Also to anyone who wants to embrace themselves in their entirety and finally get in touch with the denied parts; moving towards an empowered place of self-love, self-acceptance and wholeness.”

Katherine, Musician, Wales

“When I discovered Shadow Work sessions with Nicola I wasn’t very sure what they were or how they would benefit me, however I instinctively knew I had to do this work, and that Nicola was the one my soul had chosen and guided me towards to facilitate it.

Many of the sessions took me back to my teenage years or beyond where I experienced a lot of trauma, grief, fear, and abandonment. I was even transported to a past life in one session.

Although it was painful to revisit those events, Shadow Work allowed me to recognise the unconscious patterns and instances throughout my life where I have continued to suffer or subconsciously carry the trauma linked to those times. It allowed me to free myself from the chains and forgive everyone involved, including myself so I could recapture the lost parts of me, and the girl I was prior to the trauma and grief.

Shadow Work isn’t for the faint-hearted, but with courage and perseverance, I found that to allow myself to go there again, to the dark places and the shadows within me, there was by the end a feeling of freedom and release.

Since this work with Nicola, I have been unafraid to face my shadow self and the dark moments that inevitably show up in life. I have found it’s where I have grown the most. Where I got to know myself at a deeper level than ever before, and recognise where and why I have attracted certain people or circumstances into my life. I have been able to clear karmic patterns and re-write the “story” I had been telling myself so that I no longer attract these patterns now or in the future.

I have definitely become more confident since the sessions, and am no longer afraid of being seen or heard. I have more flow in my life now and no longer feel the need to control outcomes. I see things more objectively and I notice I am not reacting to people the way I did before. I have taken my power back and stand fully in alignment with my Soul, having retrieved the missing parts of it that were attached to these old circumstances and situations. The parts that were holding me back, keeping me in fear and making me play small.

You have no idea how amazing this feels. So much self-empowerment.

Nicola holds space fantastically and shows a lot of love and compassion throughout her sessions. Her authenticity shines through in her work. I can not recommend this work with Nicola highly enough. If you are fed up of being tied to the old baggage or are sick of the same patterns playing out in your lifetime and time again then this work will release you from all of this.

It will bring you home to You.”

Jacqueline, Intuitive Energy Healer / Holistic Wellness Advocate, U.K

“Nicola’s process of walking through the shadows of the Triple Goddess is unique and needed in the world today. Her wisdom, words and understanding of the shadow worlds we all visit are truly inspired. Maiden, Mother & Crone is for anyone who is willing and honest enough to face their true self, with the knowledge that you might not like what you see, but you will not be judged and shamed by seeing it. In fact, you will be rewarded with great healing.”

Dee, Author of The Truth – My Journey to the Other Side – Goa, India

“Having found Nicolas work by accident through a friend, it was exactly what I was searching for. I enjoyed being in a group of women where we all were ready to lay ourselves bare. I have been really nourished by Nicolas wisdom, teachings and support in the circle. The gift the work gave me was emotional fluidity and so lots of freedom in my mind and body. I would recommend this course to any woman who is looking to meet her shadows and transform them.”

Veena, Womb Yoga, Ayurvedic Massage, Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition, U.K

“Wow, where do I even begin?

I’d been drawn to Nicola’s Maiden, Mother, Crone programme as had had the honour of meeting and sharing some healing space with her previously. She is as open, honest and authentic a woman as you would want to meet. I felt immediately safe with her and that is not something easy for me.

I originally wasn’t able to step into the programme due to financial constraints but then things fell into place and the pull was actualized into my registration.

I knew a little about shadow work but had never allowed myself to step into it outside of my usual cerebral way of looking at things. But now was the time. Everything in and about me said so. The course, which Nicola managed online via Zoom and using a platform to upload videos with the aid of a closed facebook group was not impersonal at all. On the contrary.

At our opening ceremony, I immediately felt connected to the women I was to sit in circle with over the coming week, which was also of a big surprise to me.

The content that Nicola provides is rich and challenging and not once did I not feel supported in every way, by her and by the other members of our new tribe. You have a daily process to follow but this never felt like a chore and if one day you are too busy then you can just do what you can on other days so there is no pressure.

The daily activity can take more than 10 minutes and who doesn’t have 10 minutes to offer themselves.

Almost immediately I was started to feel some very profound shifts. And noticing more and more about my interactions with myself, both in the wanting to step into the process and the avoidance of the process. It was so revealing, sometimes upsetting, sometimes joyous, sometimes stuck but this was my process and to be able to sit in it and be supported at my own pace and with such wonderful women around me.

Since completing the programme I have continued to practice so much of what we learnt and love having some more easily accessible and usable tools in my kit.

I would recommend the Maiden, Mother, & Crone to anyone who wishes to get to know themselves in their many forms of womanhood a little better. Or a lot better. You will get it all! It is incredibly valuable in what you put in, what you get out and value for money. I have stepped into many healing modalities before but there is something about the empowering nature of this programme, being able to be in it but still at your own pace and being able to witness yourself in your process and immediately challenge this day by day. It’s powerful.

Nicola holds space like no other. Do it. This is not like any other workshop you may have been on before. And probably will ever again.”

Ruthie, Mental Health Professional, Leeds

“There are many claiming to be shamans and shamankas in this world. Indeed it is quite possibly cliche now, sadly. And, I have pondered this, because my lifestyle is nature-based or shamanic. So, what is a shaman? How is one found?

For me, simply put, a shaman is a guide. A guide to our inner realms. A guide, using tools of nature. I was lead to such a guide, named Nicola. I was very careful and suspicious because to choose wrongly is to continue being triggered harshly. And I was already harshly being triggered.

I knew I was awakening, and I knew my issues were steeped in the shadows. 

As I said, at the time I was very wounded and therefore very suspicious. But I followed the content. And, as I followed, I was warmed as if being coaxed toward a lovely family hearth–raw and real. No lofty pretensions. There I sat and read her posts. Her topics were exactly on point, relevant to inner wounds and shadow work. Many times I was stunned by content and responses. Sometimes I even jumped in for a comment. And Nicola was always there, sublimely intuitive, picking up on unconscious comments effortlessly. She seemed to respond to every post, even mine. I remember reaching out and to my surprise, she responded so quickly to something I didn’t even realise I wrote.

Sounds infantile, but I was indeed locked in the shadows, my little child self. I think I thought my comments would just get buried in the waylay of emails and post that I imagined. But, for every request I had, there always seemed to be some way forward.

She could help coax me out of the shadows, so I could see me and hug me. How exciting and hopeful that was for me.

Thereupon, I needed and wanted deeper work. And so, I chose “Maiden Mother Crone” workshop, which was amazing journeys using simple, accessible shamanic tools, acknowledging and celebrating the feminine with other beautiful souls to trigger and teach me more about myself.

The more I came out of the shadows, the more I wanted to be out and free and healing. And I mean healing unlike I’ve ever experienced. Subtle, palpable inner shifts.

I have to add that I never once ever heard Nicola refer to herself as a Shamanka or Shamaness. This is important to me because the title itself is so empty. Nicola has always said she is my guide and my witness.

How beautiful is that? A willing guide and witness. A Shamanic Doula. Love it!

I took a series of 1:1’s with Nicola. I have been on many many journeys in my life, so I knew they would not be exactly as I wanted them to be. But the profound realisations and healing, past, present and ancestral, that have come to me from these sessions are such a relief. My exhale is so much more unrestricted.

All I can say is you’d have to meet her to get a glimpse of the sweetness that she exudes. I believe Nicola possesses a gift so pure and unobtrusive that great healing and realisations are sure to follow. I hope one day to meet and hug her in person.

And the work continues….”

Lisa McCabe, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist, Ireland

“Nicola is a fantastic guide/mentor. She is very knowledgeable, knows how to hold sacred space and is very clear of her intentions for herself as the facilitator, you as the student and for the entire group. She will encourage and support you through this vulnerable empowering transformative process. She is simply heaven sent for someone who truly desires to heal and evolve their journey. I recommend the Maiden Mother Crone Workshop to everyone looking to truly discover more of themselves, anyone who has experienced traumas and anyone who truly wants to learn what self-love and compassion entails. I am looking forward to the next time she provides this workshop so that I may repeat the process.”

Steph, Holistic Therapist, U.S.A

“When a friend recommended working with Nicola, I had a natural curiosity, but honestly I didn’t expect the transformation and “coming home” that I got. Each week, during the Maiden Mother & Crone Workshop I surprised myself again and again how deep this work brought me. Each week presented an opportunity to release some of the deep shadows that held me back that I suspected were there, but didn’t know how to get to, at least from my intellect.

What was different to me is that everything I’ve known in my mind for a long time finally clicked and I actually started hearing and speaking from a place deeper in my body & heart.

Friends and colleagues who I hadn’t seen for a month remarked at how much my energy had changed – and I really feel I am now interacting from a rooted place, rather than approaching life from subtle but imbalanced tension, anxiety, anger, worry and unknowingly projecting that onto everything from social interactions to work.

This has been a beautiful and gentle culmination of some deep life lessons the universe was asking for me to finally absorb.

It was a blessing to be with the incredible women in this group, to hear and relate and reflect.

Nicola held the container of our circle with what felt like a strong, experienced and ever-present undercurrent. Hugely grateful!

I was able to completely decompress whatever stored up tension I had. I feel amazing. Happy. And capable to recognize and give myself the shift when it is needed again.”

Susan, Ayurveda Practitioner & Coach, Amsterdam

“The most empowering life-changing work I’ve ever done. Nicola helps to guide you in understanding yourself and with this, I finally feel like I’ve been given the instructions to the game of life. I can see life for what it is now and not find so much suffering in my day to day life. I know that life will be different and happier now.

Thank you so much, Nicola, for being in this world and helping others to find themselves!!”

Felicia, Writer, Colorado

“Nicola’s Maiden Mother Crone workshop took me on a deep journey filled with insight and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. The work provided a gateway into my inner world and helped me explore and discover the gifts found in my inner maiden, mother and crone. Nicola created a safe and inviting container and I felt held and cared for and supported as I did this soul work. I highly recommend Nicola’s workshops and I look forward to hopefully working with Nicola one on one. She is a gift!!! Thank you so much for this experience and for your love and support”

Shelly, Legal Assistant, California

“At the age of 64, I have spent the last 20+ years on a journey to “find my authentic self.” While a lot of what I did supported my efforts, none of them really showed me HOW. THIS work did just that. The work was EXTREMELY supportive yet DEMANDING; INTENSE but SAFE. PURE guidance/no fluff. Discipline with love. It took me back to self all those years ago and literally “showed me how” to live my life from within. I experience this at 64 for the 1st time. A Gift.”

Pauline, Self-Healer, U.S.A

“I really enjoyed working with the Maiden Mother Crone, it was extremely profound to uncover and release the unconscious patterns from these archetypes that I had held for so long and can now move forward with confidence and strength. Nicola’s facilitation and guidance during the entire process from start to end was amazing, she has a beautiful nurturing and encouraging presence and I’m so grateful to her for offering this!

Thanks so much, Nicola, I really couldn’t have engaged in this work if you hadn’t made it available for ‘pay what you can’ and I appreciate it more than I can say in words!”

Lisa, Nutritionist, New Zealand